Hi, I'm Sandy, a regular post-graduate student by day, pig by evening and aspirational food blogger every other moment in between. I'm well known for overeating at buffets and regularly find that I have in-depth monologues about food to anyone who cares (or pretends to care).

Somebody very close to my heart once asked me what would be the one thing, anything at all, that I would want to do or be. Being in the second decade of my life has not made me any less ignorant, but at some point in time I know I want food to be a part of what I do. My family has always been in the food industry and the majority of my childhood was spent around food - quite literally, as I probably hung out at my parents' takeaway business roughly as much time as I spent at home.

Laparoscopic surgery (what?) woes
That being said, my once unrestrained freedom to eat whatever the heck I wanted now has its limits. My diet is now more restricted - most definitely not by choice. Frequent stomach pains lead to the discovery of many stones in my gall bladder, of which I had removed in 2011 after a serious gall bladder attack. This is something I put off for a few years, after being told I had to banish all things deep fried, fatty or oily from my diet forever. Forever is a long time, and I couldn't imagine my world without hot chips, pork belly or cheese so I decided to grit my teeth and put up with the pain instead of having the gallstones removed. Silly me.

How's eating life without a gall bladder?
I may not have freedom of appetite anymore, but it has made me much more appreciative of the things that I can eat, rather than being dismal over the things that I can't. I know that if I am fortunate enough to put food in my belly, then that is more than enough to put a smile on my face. Happiness comes in so many forms, and mine happens to be in the form of salmon sashimi and restaurant coupons.

I'm based in the most isolated city in the world - Perth in Western Australia, so I wouldn't blame you if you are wondering where on earth (literally) that may be.

Do say hello over at my contact page - drop me a message, or drop me some food. Both are equally welcome.


  1. Hello, I always enjoy reading your blog. All those photos make me sooooo hungry. Keep up the good work.

  2. Or I can call you Sand :)
    (Please delete this comment).

  3. My favourite food blog!


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