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Take your furry friend to this pet-friendly cafe at Gustav's, Mosman Park

Gustav's, Mosman Park
I've never had a pet dog or cat in my entire life, so I've never actively sought out a pet-friendly cafe when eating out. So when my good friend's adorable puppy changed her lifestyle (for the better!), I never thought it would end up influencing myself too by dictating where we would be going for brunch.

I ended up conducting some research on Instagram and came across a gorgeous and amusing little cafe called The Leaky Tap, whose page is flooded with pooches drinking out of insanely cute but nevertheless insane toilet bowls.

Please don't freak, they were massive cups shaped exactly like toilets, and the dogs have never looked happier to drink right out of them!
Huey - you may remember him from cooking adventures on afternoon TV
Unlike the tendency to delay the fixing of a leaky tap, I felt the immediate urge to link my friend to The Leaky Tap and we ended up there pretty soon. Before going there just for Huey, my friend came across Gustav's, which was also in the same area. And thanks to the effect of positive comments on Urbanspoon - no matter how real or fake they are - we dropped by, but not before having no idea where the actual place was.
Gustav's is quite literally hidden down a driveway, away from obvious views from the street. An inconspicuous sign next to the road directs you down the driveway, and even when you reach the end it is not clear the actual cafe is there due to the lack of any signage to indicate you are at Gustav's instead of trespassing somebody's front yard.

The entrance is small and unexpecting, and once inside you are actually still...outside. The seating area is under timber roofing, providing shelter from the elements but still very much like an outdoor patio. A fake tree with bare branches stands as a striking centrepiece and whilst the design is so unique, we were thinking how much of a nightmare it must be to clean and maintain!
Sweet Potato Rosti - $16
We have a read of the breakfast and lunch menus, which are both short and sweet. Nothing in particular jumped out and said 'Eat me!', so I had a snoop at their daily specials until something did. And I'm so glad this did :)
My beautiful brunch
The special of the day was a sweet potato rosti dish, with two poached eggs, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, chilli and dukkah. I was afraid of the potato rosti being too oily for me to eat, but the staff were only too accommodating and made it with less oil for me as possible. The flat cake of grated sweet potatoes was admittedly dry as a result, but this was my fault! (Although a small cup of balsamic vinegar and olive oil is provided, but I sadly left it alone). Whilst the star component of the dish was my least preferred due to its blandness, I did still like the crisp exterior and contrasting soft innards textures.
The feature of this dish that made my heart flutter was definitely the grilled mushrooms. As the silent hero of my dish, they were flavoursome and oh so aromatic! Three just wasn't enough and I would have happily devoured another 10 or so more (not even joking). The eggs were poached perfectly and the golden yolk that gently oozed out provided the moisture needed to enhance the dish, as there isn't any sauce.

Nay for eggs that are well done, but yay for eggs that are done well!
Hello gorgeous!
A sprinkling of their house made dukkah on top especially does wonders for the aesthetics of the plate, and also worked wonders for the taste and texture. The combination of herbs, nuts and spices add a crisp and crunchy texture to each mouthful as they give a savoury kick to the taste.

Increasingly so, I find that you're not only buying a plate of food when you go out for a meal, but you're actually buying a beautiful piece of art put together by a talented artist who also happens to be a chef. When things look too good to eat, you go ahead and DESTROY it haha!
Poached Eggs - $10
Opting for a light breakfast which I really thought would not even satisfy her, my friend was nothing less than impressed. Although this was such a simple dish that had me silently screaming at her when she ordered it, this was simplicity done right and enough to make her really happy about her choice.
I'll have to admit, it's the prettiest eggs on toast I have ever seen. I'm not a big fan of having my food served to me on slates/planks of wood/whatever is trending in hipster cafes that make horrible sounds when my fork hits the bottom, this made it look rustic and just so beautiful.
I grilled her on what made her eggs on toast so worthy of her praise, but she couldn't pinpoint the exact thing that made her so 'wow'. Her two free range eggs were equally as perfect as mine, so perhaps in combination with the lightly grilled, crisp and buttered bread was what made her dish such a game changer.

Even so, I still would still never ever order eggs on toast at a restaurant - because forget YOLO, I have a serious case of FOMO on all the other potentially delicious things I would have sacrificed for eggs on toast!
I spy a pizza menu!
There is limited seating at Gustav's, but this little space is full of character. Everything you see in the area just look like they belong exactly where they are, right from the pots and pans, to colanders, to the lanterns and light fixtures hanging around the ceiling or draped over poles. Together, it is a sight you'd expect to see in someone's old but loved garage space, strewn full of their own belongings.

There's also a fry-pan clock hanging on the inside wall which I would love to make my own!
And naturally, a pizza oven

Gustav's has only been open for under 6 months, but good word are spreading and it doesn't take much (or long) to fill up the tables, especially with the limited seating available. It shares the same premises as a clothing store so there is only the choice of outdoor seating at a handful of tables. Unfortunately the only downside was the wait time it took from ordering to actually eating - a good 40 minutes for both our orders. This is probably longer than acceptable for most people, so it is a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time and prep your stomach with the anticipation of knowing it is worth the wait.
My eyes fixated on that door - the diagonal opening is just so awesome!
There was a dog parked out at the cafe's entrance the entire time, which presumably is one of the staff member's dogs. With Gustav's being pet-friendly, we were able to bring Huey right inside (technically, still outside!) and taking up more of the already cramped space, which the staff were totally cool with.

I also love the staff here, all of whom are down to earth and up for a chat. The service is great but then again, Huey does pull in all the ladies haha! We were looked after well but what mattered to me was that the staff are friendly and their smiles were genuine. And that alone, is something I find to be a very rare, thus very cherished trait.
The entrance at Gustav's, Mosman Park. Don't miss it.
Tuesday - Saturday: 7am-3:30pm
Sunday: 8am-2pm

15 Glyde Street, Mosman Park WA 6012
Bookings available

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