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The beautiful scenic voyage to Voyage Kitchen, Sorrento

Nothing short of delivering a satisfying, guilty pleasure...
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Long lazy breakfasts had at beachside restaurants with the fresh morning sea breeze rustling through is unarguably one of life's most simplest but most perfect luxuries. Most of us (I am also guilty) have gotten so used to our pristine beaches, nature's beautiful landscapes and endless summers that we often take it all for granted as we slave away our enjoy moments like this.
Voyage Kitchen
 Having the beach as its neighbour makes it not very surprising to hear that Voyage Kitchen opens its doors as early as 6:30am everyday to provide breakfast and coffee to early risers. Its airy, spacious and open interior is comfortably relaxing even amongst the busy noises and hurrying footsteps of the waitstaff, whom are dressed in striped sailor-like uniforms. This nautical theme is dotted throughout the beachside cafe and its d├ęcor merges seamlessly with the sounds of the ocean echoing in and out of the restaurant.
Takeaway, coffee and bar area
At one end of the cafe is a big, inviting takeaway and coffee area that had an impressive queue at several stages of the morning. The cake cabinet is lined with cookie jars and displays the array of freshly baked goods, sweets and wraps available for purchase throughout the day. One of the staff was perched high on a ladder scrawling on the daily chalkboard specials on the blackboard, detailing the selection of homemade salads, wraps, muffins, toasties and tarts on offer that day.
Voyage Farm Yard Breakfast - $22.80
The Voyage Farm Yard Breakfast is Voyage Kitchen's rendition of the big breakfast, and features all the breakfast staples you love and expect from a big greasy fry up. It is a large, filling breakfast nothing short of delivering a satisfying, guilty pleasure from all the deep fried, grilled and fried elements of the dish. We chose scrambled out of the option to have eggs cooked in any way, which were fluffy, seasoned well and served atop toasted ciabatta. The short, stubby pork and sage sausages were small but big on taste even without smearing on the sweet tomato relish, while the roasted pesto mushrooms definitely stood out with its sheen of basil pesto which eventually glossed the rest of the dish with its oil. The hash brown was a different take on the burning hot, fluffy potato filling of normal hash browns, essentially having strips of potato shaped into a ball and deep fried for a thin, crisp and golden crust.
Voyage Breakfast Board - $18
I scoped out their Summer breakfast menu (which changes seasonally) at least a week beforehand and both of us had decided on the same thing: The Voyage Breakfast Board, which features a spread of three items presented on a long, wooden board. I started from the left with the small stack of zucchini fritters, generously loaded with soft zucchini slithers throughout the patty. Its relative blandness is compensated with the salty layers of smoked salmon, interchanging with the tang of lemon sour cream drizzled on top. The potted yoghurt provides a very refreshing hit of flavour with its sour berry compote, full of fresh summery berries that leave an intense ripple of colour through the yoghurt canvas. I'm not a huge fan of soft, mushy food with a baby-food texture, so the nut crumble provides that delightful textural crunch and salty balance that I desperately needed, made obvious by my excessive repeated pulling of sour faces.
Why mornings are worthwhile
There was a lot of food swapping occurring throughout breakfast but I remained faithful to my bite-sized brioche slider. A gorgeously poached egg is sandwiched between two pillowy soft and sweet buns with a runny stream of golden egg yolk that flows onto, hmm, everything when pierced with a gentle bite. I am not big on the slight bitter taste of rocket, and thought a bigger dollop of tomato relish would really have excited :)
The north and south end of Voyage Kitchen
Voyage Kitchen is in a large building with two separate open dining spaces, connected by a walkway entrance.
Coffee takeaway window
There is small window along the front side of the restaurant dedicated to coffee service for the time poor, which allows for SMS orders ahead of time so it is ready to pick up. Along with its rustic, imaginative, Mediterranean-inspired food, Voyage Kitchen prides itself on its caring hospitality, which was still evident despite staff working like mad on a busy Saturday morning. Hospitality workers deserve so much more recognition for what they do, especially when every second person is a self-proclaimed food critic these days.
Voyage Kitchen, Sorrento
The drive/stroll along the coast is just as yummy as breakfast
Voyage Kitchen
Mon - Tues: 6:30am - 5pm
Wed - Sun: 6:30am - late
Breakfast: Served until 11:45am (Mon - Fri) and 11:30am (weekends)
Lunch: 12pm - 3pm
Dinner: 6pm - 9pm

No reservations for breakfast on weekends and public holidays
$5 cakeage fee
Coffee SMS orders: 0401660002

Tel: (08)9447 2443
128 West Coast Drive Sorrento 6020

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