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Obeying the house rules at Pure Bar

There was no magnificent golden river of egg yolk cascading over the bread...
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Pure Bar in Subiaco was the suburb's first small bar and has since grown into a special little something with its award winning cocktails, all uniquely crafted in house. I love cocktails, they're a pretty accurate measure of confidence haha!

I had made a breakfast booking at 9:30am when my trusty Corolla tried to hamper my genuine efforts to have a good breakfast and left my car battery for dead. A battery replacement, $150 poorer and a phone call to the guys at Pure Bar to say "I'm still coming!" later, we headed off to a bar that I have strangely, never noticed before during my bizillionth drives down Hay Street in Subi.
Pure Bar
As I waited to cross the road I noticed Pure Bar's big, spacious, open-door design. I don't think I noticed much lighting being used at all inside the bar/eating area because all the open doors really capitalises on the bright natural lighting from outside. It was a beautiful hot day and we had decided to sit outside to soak up the great outdoors before requesting to move back indoors due to the heat. I think Summer has hastened its visit this year!

As this was another shameless Scoopon purchase, we are quickly given a special Scoopon Menu to pick dishes from, instead of their normal breakfast menu. It is more limited in choice but still featured a good selection of breakfast dishes. That being said, I skipped right past the "Fresh fruit salad" items immediately.
Pure Bar's house rules
The atmosphere was great at this hour as it wasn't overly busy nor quiet. I had a look around and had a giggle at their house rules (#3 is adorable!), written on a whiteboard and on display for patrons to follow. If these humble rules applied everywhere, the world would surely be a better place.
Cappuccino - $3.80
I chose a cappuccino with breakfast from the option of either coffee or tea. I don't dare critique on the quality of coffee as I am one of the rare, seemingly extinct species of non-coffee drinkers. Nevertheless, I did enjoy my cappuccino whilst waiting.
T2 Green Tea - $3.80
I am delighted to discover that the green tea we requested is by T2, as I am in love with their variety of aromatic and flavoursome tea combinations. The tea is strong, refreshing and hits the spot of tiredness in the face.
A toleratable sight or not?
As we moved and positioned the cup of tea around for photographs, we found ourselves staring into blatantly obvious dirty stains on the cup. Personally I don't make a fuss with these things even though I'm pretty unimpressed, but sending out food and drink in cups with marks and stains would probably not be the wisest thing to do.

What about you? If your coffee cup was delivered like this, what would you do?
Pure Benedict - $16
The Pure Benedict was a stack of poached eggs, baby spinach, toasted turkish bread and hollandaise, and came with a choice of smoked salmon, ham or bacon. The salmon we chose did not disappoint. Nor did the light but creamy hollandaise, which was nice but sparse. 
Hi sunshine!
More of it would help to add more moisture to every bite from this dish, of which is made up of very dry ingredients and in desperate need to be drenched (or at least drizzled) with sauce of some kind. Overall it was a little hard to see this dish as anything more than mediocre.
Vege De-Lite - $16
As I love my meat (sorry vegetarians!), I surprised myself by ordering a meatless breakfast. I get hungry too fast otherwise and this proved true when I felt hungry again - now you know the inspiration behind my blog name :) - just 2 hours after this breakfast. 
Some of my favourite. Why don't people like vegetables?
It was hard to pass up the Vege De-Lite, as it is comprised of everything I adore - that creamy avocado worked wonders with the tangy tomato and onion salsa. Fortunately for me but unfortunate to most, nothing happened when I pierced both my poached eggs. There was no magnificent golden river of egg yolk cascading over the turkish bread as expected, as the egg yolks were slightly overcooked and became a little solidified but still slightly gooey in the middle. Because I'm weird, I like it this way.

My eyes lit up at 'grilled asparagus' because this humble vegetable is amazing when chucked under the grill and retains a slight crispness. I was a little disappointed to see blanched, limp asparagus instead, which were overcooked and really too soft as a result. Bummer, this had so much potential!
Some beauuuuutiful hanging lanterns
Although some improvements could be made to the breakfast dishes we ordered, we were overall pretty happy with what Pure Bar delivered. I thought some items lacked a little seasoning, but nothing a little salt shaker couldn't fix.
Many seating options, indoor and outdoor
Where the cocktail magic happens
A pretty impressive cocktail list calls for a pretty impressive looking bar to match! I'm eager to get round to trying more meals here and a cocktail or five one day, some day...
A chill morning at Pure Bar
I really did like the ambiance at Pure Bar; its casual, chilled out and comfortable vibe is reflected in the staff members who served us that morning, who were all friendly, attentive and the simplest yet bestest thing to feel - happy.
Pure Bar, Subiaco
Pure Bar
Mon: 7.30am - 6pm
Tues: 7.30am - 7pm
Wed: 7.30am - late
Thurs: 7am - late
Fri: 7.30am - midnight
Sat: 8am - midnight
Sun: 8am - 3pm
Tel: (08)9382 3330
331 Hay Street Subiaco, WA 6008

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