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Getting dirty at The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar, Fremantle

Who needs cutlery for seafood? Or even table manners?

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Admittedly, I am a self-confessed stalker of many group buying sites. Groupon and Scoopon are two of my preferred ones and I frequently camp out on these sites ready to pounce on bargain deals when they are released. I live for the thrill of eating 3 course meals for $15. I need to get out more.

Obviously, the food-related coupons get me very excited. A (very long) while ago, Groupon promised a bargain seafood feast worth $180 for two people, which was going for $79. These group buying sites are nifty platforms to promote all sorts of businesses, particularly those that are less-known and deserve more recognition.

A few weeks after clicking that dangerous BUY! button, we find ourselves at The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar, a place I would never have discovered on my own.
The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar
The Dock is a little seafood restaurant, in a location away from the main Fremantle cafe strip. It is rather secluded, and definitely not in a street you would think to venture down for a feed.

Just like my previous post on No.4 Blake Street, the restaurant is ours for a good proportion of the night. The owners tell us there has been a few last minute cancellations which is good for us, as we are able to informally chat to the owners and staff on a more personalised level.
They were very friendly people, and the chef himself is a seafood merchant who has been in the industry for over 30 years!
Fresh Seafood selection
Specialising in fresh seafood, The Dock offers a selection of crabs, oysters, prawns, mussels, fish and a range of pre-made salads at their Sashimi and Oyster Bar and Gourmet Salad Bar. I'm particularly interested in their oyster menu, which features oysters from Sydney, Tasmania, South Australia and Albany prepared in four options: Natural; Honey mustard, lime & chilli and tropical dressings; or a Miso Frito, in which the oysters are fried in crispy panko crumbs.
The Sashimi & Oyster Bar and Gourmet Salad Bar
The bars which featured much of the seafood used to prepare our seafood platter.
Rose and White wines
The coupon we purchased entitled us to two glasses of red or white wines from the Margaret River region. On the night of our dinner, we were offered a third choice of a lovely sweet Rose wine. I am not a big wine drinker and don't know my Pinot noir to my Merlot, but I really enjoyed this sweet wine suggested to us.
Ocean fresh Sea Scallops with lemon pepper seasoning
Our entree consisted of thick and plump sea scallops, pressed with a tangy lemon pepper seasoning then seared to a golden crust. They were meaty and retained their juiciness from being cooked just right. It was their promise of preparing the freshest seafood without it being battered, crumbed or deep fried that enticed me the most, which describe my food intolerances perfectly. For me, I love seafood in its most natural form, and the simplicity of grilling it is my greatest preference!
Organic grilled King Salmon with lemon butter sauce
Also served with the scallops is a portion of king salmon grilled in a lemon butter sauce. I'm ecstatic that the seafood platter includes this grilled salmon, unlike the sad and unloved piece of dry, overcooked battered fish that can be served in seafood baskets. I went gaga over the skin's crispiness and I suggest you devour the skin before you do anything else, just how I did :)
7 course Summer Seafood Platter
The rest of the seafood feast was presented together on a platter. This assembly of fresh seafood consisted of six freshly shucked oysters, four Shark Bay king prawns, two smoked salmon blini with cream cheese and king salmon caviar, two slipper lobster skewers grilled with honey mustard, steamed green shell mussels served with a shotglass of lime and sweet chilli and and a serving of hand cut rustic fries with a dish of creamy garlicy aioli.
I think an extra serving of fresh salad on the side would have been very welcomed, between mouthfuls of seafood.
Seafood Platter - back view
My absolute favourite in the platter were those lobster skewers - I would have devoured another ten or so if money permitted! Like the scallops, the skewers were grilled until they were wrapped with a thin, golden crust while the rest of the meat was perfectly cooked through. No rubbery or bland lobsters coming out of this kitchen!
The fishy smell, oogly sight and slippery taste and feel of oysters may make many people squirmish, but not I. To me they have the same concept of standard drinks - I have to stay within my limits otherwise I'll start to feel sick. The Dock dishes up fine oysters, although not as plump as I would have imagined.
Smoked salmon blini with cream cheese, topped with king salmon caviar
Blini are commonly served as finger food, and are typically known as small discs of pancakes that are slightly thicker than your common pancake. The Dock's version seem to be made with circles of white bread, which kind of makes this smoked salmon blini into a fancied up sandwich. I adore the popping sensation of the jewels of caviar that adorn the blini.
I poke around with my fork searching high and low; I wish there were (lots and lots) more!
The Dock - bar seating
The Dock is a seafood eatery, and thus prizes itself on quality produce. Every component of our seafood platter was undoubtedly fresh and cooked well, but I'm not convinced that I would pay nearly $200 for such a meal. That being said, I wouldn't need any convincing to return here and try out their other dishes. I've got my mind on their sashimi platter in particular, after it has been basking in the warm glow of the chef's good words about it.
The Dock - main seating area
The Dock has a very casual ambiance with minimalistic decor. Dominated by brown brick walls and grey concrete floors, it won't score much points with those who like to dine in a certain "atmosphere". But really, this casual and relaxed feel is perfect for getting your hands and face dirty. Who needs cutlery for seafood? Or even table manners ;)

The chef is a friendly fellow, who seems passionate about the business. It is small and humble, quietly providing a good alternative to the louder, I'd say more "industrial" type seafood places in Fremantle that attracts all the tourists and visitors in the area. Definitely give this one a go if you don't want to follow the generic herd of seafood eaters in Freo.
The Dock Seafood and Oyster Bar, Fremantle - Look for the lonely tables outside a brick building if having trouble finding it
The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar
Tues: 10am - 6pm
Wedn - Sun: 10am - 9.30pm
Closed Mondays & Tuesday dinner

(08) 9430 7544
124 High Street, Fremantle WA 6160


  1. I've heard rumours that this place serves some of the freshest seafood in Perth. I'm devastated I missed out on the discount offer (I like to snap them up too) but hopefully I'll make it here to try soon :) mmm oysters

    1. I'll be sure to let you know the next time I see a bargain :P

  2. Wow everything looks as fresh as rumour says. I too have heard what Kristy says. Let me know too please?

    1. Sure Martine! :) Why have I not heard any of these rumours, I must not be a part of this secret foodie crowd...


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