Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Eden Cafe

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Despite all the tummy clutching and overeater's remorse that is associated with a session of Sunday Dim Sim, my tummy clutching was from hunger still hanging on strong.

As we were leaving the beautifully refurbished XinTianDi, I was not full - bordering hungry.

May or may not be because A's 2 year old nephew was entertaining me (or was I entertaining him?) with disgustingly cute tactics of passing grapes and various other fruit in and out of his mouth, ears, nostrils (in that sequence) then straight back in and out of his mouth again.

Followed by a sweet gesture of offering it to me, to eat.
Kinda like when he retrieved a piece of watermelon out of the bin, rubbed it on the floor and gave it to his Dad to eat.

I was receiving all sorts of mucus covered fruit offers from left, right and centre.
Needless to say, I felt temporarily full, until I got me some food that hadn't explored the dark tunnels of every facial feature.

Eden's Signature Lime Juice
Finding ourselves at Eden Cafe at the Coventry Square Markets, we could not go past their signature drink. First impressions do count, and I was more than impressed with the quirky jar-turned-cup presentation. Just like sipping your own jug of lemonade, with a lot more lemon.

First sip of this lime juice surprised me with its sharp sour taste, while each consecutive gulp that followed became pleasantly stimulating. The drink's strong acidity is refreshingly tart and zesty, distinctly different to lemonade.

Eden's Eggs Benedict - $15.50 (now $12.50 according to menu)
The menu featured a dish that made the decision to choose a difficult one - an omelette jam packed with ham, onion, mushroom, tomato and cheese, is definitely calling for another visit to Eden.

We went with their Eggs Benedict to take full advantage of their all day breakfast menu available until 3pm. Looking past the pretty presentation, there really isn't much more to admire, much to my disappointment. The saving grace to the dry muffin base was the pierced yolk juices, greedily absorbed in an instant.

Eggs Benedict classic, with a Florentine twist

Hollandaise sauce can easily become too much too fast, but a lack of it can cause serious dry consequences for such a dish. Drizzled on top may just be too little! I loved the vividly black, coarse cracked pepper with the dish but found the 2 poached eggs quite watery and lacking in the looks department.

Not that this should be a significant criteria, but good looking food always whets the appetite, on my journey from Eden to Edo later on that evening.


Balancing a fusion of both Asian and Western cuisine, the menu offers recognisable dishes influenced by both cultures' cooking. Fair prices coupled with nicely presented dishes could make Eden Cafe a hit with locals and market-goers after a strenuous shopping workout.

With an extended 'all day' breakfast menu but open all day, I was sad to see that the "all dishes include coffee/tea/orange juice" offer only lasted until 11:30am, which is a very generous act on their behalf. The cafe is open and airy, its spaciousness extending right through to their large alfresco seating area.

The green and white theme creates a relaxing, pure atmosphere for eating at Eden, where you will be tempted by more than just an apple.

(08) 9275 EDEN (3336)
Mon/Wed: 9am to 6pm
Thurs - Fri: 9am to 10pm
Sat - Sun: 8.30am to 10pm


Chicken Gozleme
And because the Turkish eatery was so conveniently located next door to Eden Cafe, it just seemed to make sense to grab a toasted Chicken and Cheese filled Gozleme as we left Eden to continuously feed the food baby slowly growing in our stomach.

If it doesn't turn out to be a fat, overfed baby, I will!

Gozleme Innards
Around $8 buys a generous portion of grilled gozleme, thin folded pockets with chicken pieces and stringy cheese melted and sealed into the pastry and served with a wedge of lemon on the side if you need it.

Savoury desserts?
Bring. It. On!


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