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Cimbalino Espresso

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As we stacked ourselves together and piled into L's BMW, we had no idea where we were going.
No destination, no restraints... so no worries!
It is times like these where you venture into the unknown and (hopefully) find a spanking new delicious place to pig out...OR, leave you wishing you had done some research instead.

The girls wandered through the little street scoping out places to eat, with me dragging myself along wishing we could JUST EAT ALREADY. Who knew there was a criteria to check off just to get some brunch?

Cimbalino Espresso, with its wide open, welcoming doors, finally caught their eyes and we swarmed across the street. After a tenuous assessment of the place, it was their joint agreement that it was cosy enough, dark enough and mysterious enough to be our brunch spot. 

People living life as it's meant to be lived
It was a gloriously sunny day, both 3 months ago when I actually ate here, and just 2 days ago when I ventured back just so I could get menu names, prices and exterior shots like this, for blog's sake.

I wondered for a very brief moment during my 30 minute travel here, whether there is such a thing as over-dedication. And after about 2 seconds, I realised, when you love something this much - no, there really isn't.

Nothing like a good big dosage of wake-me-up cappuccino to start the eating day - we had made big plans to hit up Fremantle to feast even further, but this horribly failed when we wandered around in circles, asking for directions, lost tourist style.

If anybody knows where Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Fremantle is, please, for the love of food, let me know!

Deliciously good coffees, apparently!
I am not a self proclaimed coffee expert by any means. I am not even a coffee drinker, as my stomach isn't always fond of milk.

But Cimbalino seems to be passionate about (and to) the coffee drinking breed of humans, which seem to have taken over our land. This shines through their barista's ability to produce a mean cuppa, which I overheard went down real good.

Vegetarian Sweetcorn & Ricotta Hotcakes - $16
I think we all came with a mindset on eating something that is a little unconventional.
The option of hotcakes sounded appealing, but unfortunately not for me, since they could not fulfill my request of eliminating the ricotta aspect. Shame. Devastating news.

L ended up ordering this, and was presented (with quite a swift speed!) a stack of three sweet corn and ricotta hotcakes, which resemble small savoury pikelets. Supported by a strong foundation of avocado salsa underneath, these are finished off with a peak of greens instead of the pea tendrils as described.

The dish is accompanied by a single juicy looking roasted truss tomato and a side dish of spicy sweet tomato relish, as is the next dish to arrive at the table.

Sweetcorn & Ricotta Hotcakes - $16.50
What I do know, is J loves her meat. But what I didn't know, is that J seems to love her bacon! Two consecutive meals with her that involve bacon, bacon no.1 here and bacon no. 2 here, and she just might be a pig.

Pretty much identical to its vegetarian counterpart, this dish features TWO hotcakes but substituted with a layer of grilled bacon to make up for lost calories in the dish. So while the tomato and avocado salsa, fresh rocket and side serve of tomato relish remains faithful, the bacon does not.

I think this was a struggle to finish towards the end. And ironically, I don't even think she likes bacon that much.

My precious breakfast to start the day!
What's this growing trend of serving meals on planks of wood these days?

Beats me, but me like!

Huevos Rancheros with Chorizo - $14
So while the rest of my supportive girlfriends groaned at my usual horsing around with my camera and meddling with photos as they dug into their meals, I happily ignored them.
At least after a while, people get over their attempts of trying to get any body parts into the actual photo.

I was looking forward to tasting what this dish had to offer, because I'm realising a growing fondness for chorizo in me. Featuring a farm fresh egg as described, this spreads delicately over a medley of chorizo pieces in a spicy tomato salsa oven baked in a cute mini hotpot.

Egg: the best thing since (and with!) sliced bread
I'd imagine that when mixed through, the topping of feta cheese would add a creamier texture to the dish's entirety. Unfortunately, I gave away my block to J, who has a feta fetish and desperately needed something creamy and salty to cut through her salty bacon and no-signs-of-creaminess-anywhere dish.

I absolutely ADORE egg white and am quite an expert and separating this from the egg yolk. The salsa had a nice heat to it and I completely cleaned out the pot, while leaving a perfectly rounded and untouched orb of egg yolk inside.

What can I say. I am so competent, at the most useless things.

I like dat!
Huevos Rancheros dates back centuries, and is apparently a typical Mexican dish eaten for breakfast. This would be a lovely start to the day, a warm tummy filler and a good hearty feed. Unlike what I expected from the menu, which was a side serve of fresh chilli, the meal came chilli salt dotted with flakes and a mysterious creamy sauce, still unidentified (or forgotten) to this very day.

And instead of being served with the traditional tortillas, 3 slices of ciabatta toast did a good job of soaking up the salsa, eagerly wanting to be soaked up.

Got sweet teeth?
Cimbalino's got an enticing display cabinet loaded with cakes, slices, logs, cupcakes, tarts, you, get, the, idea.

The savoury selection is dominated by the sweets range, predominantly by the big bold colours of a plate of macarons - the thing that seems to be taking over the dessert world.

The Cimbalino opening scene
The store front of this open cafe is big and invites both the breeze and customers in.

Its interior is decked out in red and black with graffiti art scrawled on its walls, fitting with its nifty light fixtures hanging low from the ceilings. Quite a stark contrast to its dine-in area at the back, which is more hidden away and shielded from both sunlight and store lighting.

A gorgeous place to catch some sun is at Cottesloe's neat little cafe strip on Napoleon Street.

Everyone here is pleasurably enjoying soaking up the sunshine, absorbing some UV rays and overdosing on vitamin D while sipping on their dainty coffee cups.

So many seating options, that you can plant your butt just about anywhere.

Among the best cafe scenery I've come across :)
Yes, this is indeed the beautiful set at the back of Cimbalino Espresso.


If suburbs were people, Cottesloe would be your pristine and posh crowd, dressed in stylish designer clothes and always looking perfect. Even the buildings here look like they've been built out of better material! Upmarket for sure.

Cimbalino provides you with an alternative choice from the flurry of cafes present along the street. The cafe's lack of natural sunlight is preserved that way, with dim lighting scattered inside. Pity, as I would love to see the presentation of their dishes more (which is quite pleasing to the eye really!)

Seeming to be a hit with the locals as a regular hang out place, there sits a big newspaper/magazine rack for those fond of spending time with words in cosy corners. Pair that with food that comes out in a flash despite the busy queue scattered everywhere, efficiency is tops. Just not the No EFTPOS facilities bit.

I guess this speediness comes from being unable to accommodate ingredient adjustments. I wish I noticed the option of building your own meal from side orders when I was told they couldn't minus the ricotta from my order. Friendly staff here, while momentarily lackadaisical at times. Acknowledgement took a while the first time, and did not even happen the second time I rolled around with my camera.

But if you need a good grind to get your day going, Cimbalino seems to promise you one (and shout cimba! when they're done grinding your coffee for you).

(08)9385 6177
Open everyday: 7am to 5pm
Brunch menu until 2.30pm
www.cimbalino.com.au: Details about other 3 Cimbalino locations



  1. Theobroma chocolate Lounge in Fremantle is opposite hungry jacks and
    Next door to the fremantle bake house on south terrace.


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