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New Moon

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It is once in a blue moon that Perth gets to experience Dim Sim at NIGHT time, and so it is once in New Moon that we check out what this relatively new Dim Sim restaurant has to offer at DAY time (the less exciting time of day to be scoffing down Dim Sim nowadays!)


But the consistency we experienced here was something to get excited at.
Perhaps we have a new dim sim haunt to frequent from now on! And at seemingly abnormal hours too.

Steamed Fish Balls - $4.40
We order some balls to kick start our Dim Sim party, and these are definitely worthy guests. I'm impressed with these fish balls, especially after losing my fascination with them the older I grew.

Smaller sized than the usual huge white orbs served by other places, these are served atop sheets of bean curd skin that have delightfully soaked up the juices from the dish. The balls themselves taste more "real" and "fishy" (they are fish balls after all!), which is actually a good thing for once!

Because sadly, fish balls actually tasting like fish is something that doesn't happen too often here.

Steamed Bean Curd Pockets stuffed with Fish Roe - $5.80
Money catches anybody's eye, and these little money bags are no exception.

It's refreshing to see a new offering in dim sim menus and trolleys that you can usually recite off by heart. These adorable pockets are bean curd skins wrapping a sweet mushy fish roe filling, and knotted with what I think are dried lily buds. In their literal sense, golden needle vegetables, which are crisp to the bite.

Not only attractive, but taste pretty good too! Double win.

Money bag - the edible type
When I see a goodie bag, I'll jump on it. 

Because the best thing to do with your fortune - is to eat it!

Deep Fried Prawn Dumplings with Mayonnaise - $5.80
The next to arrive are 4 very good looking, golden tanned guests who are still fresh hot from the fryer. Flaunting very plump bodies full of meaty prawn fillings, the deep-fried prawn dumplings have crunchy skins that shatter with each bite, helped by little airy bubbles on the skin.

Mayonnaise is essential, if you plan on eating these while they are still burning hot!

Deep Fried Almond Prawn Cakes - $4.40
The first thing that catches your eye is the tightly packed and compressed amount of almonds that are loaded onto the prawn patties. Golden brown in colour and gloriously crisp, each bite cuts through a crunchy exterior of toasted almonds and consequential firm but springy bites of pressed prawn patties.

I think these kinds of layered "cakes" are starting to win my heart more so than the sweet kind do...

Almonds galore!
Almond saturation: an almond fan's heaven :)

Steamed Prawn Dumplings - $4.90
Every dim sim expedition has a must do, to order the well known har gow staple of the dim sum cuisine. These make a very regular appearance on every table, and no visit is ever complete without these as an important addition.

I personally think these are a good benchmark to judge the restaurant's quality standards, as it is important to make these famous dim sim landmarks up to scratch or exceed levels of adequacy.
We love Har Gou!
New Moon's har gou are in very fit condition when they join our feast on the table.

Extremely circular spheres thanks to the abundance of prawns securely wrapped in chewy, stretchy skins that are magnificently white and glowing with youth.

Steamed Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce - $4.40
Spare ribs at different dim sim restaurants are a bit of a hit and miss, depending on how good a day it is.

On the good days, you'll get good chunks of meat with a good lean meat to fat ratio.
This dish is one of those "good days" where you don't get the greasy ratio of fat to fat, however a more generous serving is welcome; one where the dish does not look like someone has already dived in!

Steamed Prawn & Chive Dumplings - $4.90
I'm beginning to grow fonder of this newer take on the standardised har gou. There are many similarities between the two, but the addition of chives adds a splash of colour and an extra fragrant and fresh flavour to the usual prawn dumpling.

A perfectly plump prawn-stuffed dumpling, chock full of springy, juicy prawns...
and the best kind of cross section I'd enjoy making a little too excessively :D

Steamed Beef Tendon in Szechuen Sauce - $4.40
Perhaps not to everybody's liking, beef tendon is a food that can be prepared and cooked in different ways and liked in even more ways.

I personally like them slightly hard so they retain their chewiness, however majority (usually) rules and most places will serve these up in their soft-edging-towards-mushy form. Coated in szechuan sauce with its distinct red colouring, the soft tendons have that sweet, salty flavour combination and slightly mild chilli undertones.

Deep Fried Cuttlefish and Pork in Bean Curd Wraps - $4.40
I'm not too overly fond of these golden pyramids, but since my welfare is usually ignored, these are always on the table and ALWAYS in front of me. These deep-fried dumplings are a family favourite (MY family favourite...) and are a must have.

Every. Single. Time. Without. Fail.
I have always likened these to hash browns; but then again, I'd be all over them if they really were hash browns!

Don't they look like hash browns?
Their warm golden brown tone makes them very deserving of their place in the deep-fried category of the menu. Simply named crab meat dumplings elsewhere, they have a very appealing title here at New Moon being cuttlefish and pork in bean curd wraps.

The bean curd wraps are certainly a nice, new, refreshing touch on the standard floury batter that covers the patty within. They provide a slightly crispy sensation and are much lighter than the usual batter.

Can't remember much of the amount of cuttlefish-ness or pork-ness in my bite, but I'd imagine dipping anything golden into chilli sauce is a winning combination.

Steamed Minced Pork & Prawn Dumplings - $4.90
Just like har gou, these siu mai are just as important to get right! The two usually go hand in hand, and will usually sit steamer by steamer right next to each other.

Juicy minced pork meat with smaller morsels of prawns are tightly pressed amongst opaque skins, a lot less glutinousy than har gou wrappers. Usually garnished with specks of fish roe, the dumplings taste quite lean - which is a relief for some and a disappointment for others.

Steamed Beef Tripe with Ginger & Spring Onion - $4.40
Continuing with our feast, the usual suspect of cow bits starts popping up on our lazy susan.

The tripe is done nicely here, not overly soggy nor hard and tiresome to chew. The touch of ginger is a nice touch, however overall the sauce might be a bit plain and watery clear for some.

Another (worse looking) tripe
Not as "perky" in looks as the first dish, this dish of tripe bears more resemblance to beef belly - yet another cow innard. Boy we just can't get enough of those organs! Belly..tendon..tripe..

And now I'm starting to talk utter tripe.

Pan Fried Glutinous Rice with Egg - $4.40
And when we were finally full, we started to round things up with a plate of pan-fried glutinous rice with egg. This is cooked fresh from the kitchen to order, and always comes out steaming hot as a result - evident from the heat that escapes upon lifting the golden egg blanket.

This dish is truly a sentimental childhood favourite of mine that is close to my heart. I loved and will always love eggs, and this egg omelette that wraps cosily around the mound of glutinous rice satisfies all my criteria.

Even more perfect is when the egg is not fully overcooked, so a little gooeyness remains that moistens up the rice when it combines with it. Pure, utter bliss.

Steamed Chicken & Chinese Mushroom Buns - $4.40
Not sure how these managed to sneak their way onto the table, but somehow they did.

And even though in their pure white bun-ny forms and neatly constructed outer appearance are here to impress, I'm less impressed with their personalities inside.

Right here to satisfy your curiosity of what's inside!

The filling is a hasty and mushy meat centre, offering not much to be excited about.
Buns are buns, unless they are sweet buns :)

New Moon's blocky steamers
A refreshing visual change from the usual round steamers is one with 4 added corners - because we all know that good things come in square bamboo steamers.


This is the one of the first restaurants I've come across (or have chosen to notice) that extends their Dim Sim offering beyond 3pm. It is one of the first of this kind, speaking by Perth's standards of course *mumble mumble* and seems to be quite successful in its own right.

Ironically it has been closed whenever I have gone past, and upon closer inspection of its trading hours does it reveal that you get your guilty night dim sim hit only 2 nights out of 7. New Moon Dim Sim Day & Night should really come with an asterix!

We were, however, delightfully pleased with the too many items on the table, all looking good, tasting fresh and comfortably priced. Service was a little lagging initially but as the ball got rolling and the lazy susan got spinning, everything picked up and staff efficiently delivered. There were dropped dishes and sauce splatters behind our backs (literally!) so while I wasn't over the moon with New Moon's service, they're getting the hang of it.

The attention grabbing thing that works in this new environment is the modern, polished design and understated class of the dining space. It has a spacious, comfortable layout and an overall blueish, cool coloured tones that drift throughout the restaurant's atmosphere. A really good job of giving the place a successful face lift from its preceding looks.

As the former business here was also a Dim Sim restaurant, here's hoping it is even more successful in maintaining the dim sim spirit that this location exudes.
And it will no longer be New Moon, as this might become my regular choice for dim sim - you won't be "new" to me for much longer.

(08) 9328 8720
Tuesday - Sunday: 9.30am to 3pm
Friday - Saturday: 6pm to 10pm
Closed Mondays



  1. Mate, you missed out on the best thing there. Chicken Pie! you have to try it

    1. Hiya dennis,
      I won't be missing out on it for much longer then!
      Try it I will, cheers mate! :)


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