Friday, 21 September 2012


I can imagine we were quite the colour splash on the street with my striking yellow coat and A's equally as striking red hoodie.

Whilst resembling live walking tomato and mustard condiments came to mind, having hot dogs as my post-exam celebrations feast was the last thing to come to mind.

Originally headed for the much hyped, much anticipated Taiwanese dessert store Taro Taro, I casually turned my head to the side and saw a brand spanking new restaurant just 2 doors away from our intended destination.

"Ooo what's that!" I asked, fully meaning it as a rhetorical question.
Rhetorical schmetorical, we answered it, substituting Taiwan for Korea right there and then.

Jayusigan Menu
The restaurant was empty, and stepping inside in its new surroundings made me feel as though my footsteps were dirtying the floor with my shoes. Everything from its walls to floors had a gleam to it, including their eating utensils right down to its sleek menu.

With the slightest feeling of illiteracy, I stared cluelessly at the food photos on the wall, all looking delicious but without English description. Truly Korean I thought, to the point where I'm not going to know what I am ordering.

Dweajibulgogi - $12
First to arrive in style is the DJ Bulgogi, a mountain heaped high with mild marinaded pork slices, assorted vegetables and a garnish of sesame seeds. Expecting something different when I read "hot pot" in the menu, a hot plate was the last thing I thought I'd be eating off.

You'll find the meat to vegetable ratio is on the good side of generous, as you dig and eat your way through the pile of protein.
The serving of oil towards the bottom of the dish is quite unnecessarily generous too!

Tteok & Sobulgogi - $12
 My imagination tingled as I read "rice ball" in the menu description for this dish. When it was delivered I was initially underwhelmed - Jayusigan and I certainly had different ways of interpreting food items!

This feeling was overcome real fast, for I realised this was so much better than what I thought I'd get - plain rice shaped into a circular mound, which would be a nice novelty but would taste just so average. And thus I suddenly liked this rice ball & beef served with hot pot :)

Probably should have chosen another dish that was not so similar in looks and taste to its pork counterpart. The addition of long, tubular rice rolls mean less beef, but more to chew with their glutinous-like texture.

What would I do without you?
As always (almost), the meals are accompanied by a small, steaming hot bowl of plain white rice to fill you up if the meat doesn't.

Certainly true in my case, I can eat dangerously large amounts of food and still not be full, if I don't get my rice dosage.
Bad for body. Badder for wallet.

Assortment of side dishes
The one (or 3) reasons to love Korean cuisine is that you get more for what you pay for (sort of). These extra reasons come in the form of extra food, little moreish samples of side dishes that are completely complimentary and complementary to your meal.

Along with the ubiquitous dish of kimchi, is a small serving of tiny dried anchovies.
These savoury morsels are strong flavoured and spiced with chilli flakes, adding a bite of heat and a chewiness that's quite resistant to the teeth.

Needless to say, these were gone in about a second.

Sweetness is another flavour dimension added to the other side dishes, which are salty and chilli in flavour. These beans are soft but retain a slight chewiness, and dressed in a slick coat of syrupy sauce.

Tasted a bit weird to eat with my meal with its short sugary bursts, so I treated them as dessert :)
Jayusigan Dining Space
Small, quiet but private - it's like we booked the place to ourselves!


Admittedly the restaurant felt deserted and the lack of customers/staff did not make it feel particularly inviting. Upon sitting down I took to Urbanspoon (as you do...) and was hit with no results - but felt very confident that it was going to be a good meal :) But to this very day I'm very surprised at its mediocre ratings, either this place has headed downhill or the people of Perth are just too hard to please...

Small eats are also available for purchase from the hot baine marie inside. The portions spoke value for the prices charged and honestly, the food quality was quite on par with what you'd find elsewhere. And unless I'm just too easy, I found it good, and it was a happy, successful divergence from Taro Taro.

The new interior of Jayusigan is clean, uncluttered and polished. It boasts fresh, non-sticky tables and the choice of orange colour provides a vibrant look for the dining area. (And my photos!) After being ignored for a while upon entering, service was efficient and swift. Speaking limited English, the staff are still friendly and helpful through all the pointing and awkward smiling and nodding used to communicate :)

I quite like it here.
And the reason may or may not be because we went home with 2 free frog placemats as part of their grand opening gift :)

(08) 9470 1372

Monday - Sunday: Lunch and dinner
Closed Tuesdays (at time of enquiry)

*Location is actually on Leonard St, off Albany Highway



  1. I ate there last night and thought it was one of the best noodle soups I've ever had. I'm surprised by the reviews on Urbanspoon and will be adding mine soon

    1. That's good to hear, the restaurant does need a little boost on Urbanspoon! Like you, I was taken aback by all the negativity on there. Both of us must have gone on very good days, or the rest of the diners must have gone on very, very, very bad days :P


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