Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bintang Cafe

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Equivalent to the popular I LOVE NY shirts, those instantly recognisable Bintang singlets are everywhere here.
I should join the Bintang singlet party for having finally visited...Bintang Cafe.
I haven't tried the beer, but close enough justification!

Nasi Seafood Bakar - $11
Apparently the guys at Bintang Cafe give the real Indonesia a run for its money. Evidently, minimalistic but still tasty fare goes a long way.

Reading this dish's description and seeing its attached price tag got me excited, though I ought to have realised that Grilled fish, squid & prawn with special glaze meant a single fish, a single baby squid and a single prawn.

No way did this fill me up. Though the whole grilled fish was satisfyingly meaty, its slightly crispy skin glistening from caramelisation of the sauce glaze. I had to be refrained from swallowing the tail, fins, and other fishy parts you wouldn't eat.

Teh Tarik - $3.50
Trying one of Asia's most popular beverages comes as a must if you happen to stumble across Indonesia along Victoria Park's eating strip.

I love the big-handled mug that lets you at least hold your drink while it's still hot, and attempt to scald yourself. Sweet, milky and foamy is the style of all the Teh Tarik's in the world, yet Bintang Cafe's rendition has a unique sweetness that aren't in other Teh Tariks but tasted just so familiar.

I couldn't focus on enjoying my meal until I pretty much finished the whole cup just trying to figure out that particular taste.
With a belly full of liquid, it finally hit. For those who know it, it tastes EXACTLY like the canned Pearl Milk Tea drink sold at Asian grocers.

Gulai Kambing - $8
At $8, I really shouldn't have been surprised at the size of the bowl this curry was served in. Served on its own, it might fill you up if you order an extra bowl of rice while on its own you're going to want more!

As a traditional Indonesian lamb curry that seems to be all about the juice, the pieces of lamb are really quite limited. The sauce however, is light enough to drink on its own or if spooned over rice, to create another meal on its own.

I always like to create my own meals at home, namely - soy sauce and rice.
I think I've perfected it: the art of sauce pouring :D


I wouldn't have thought of this as a place I'd ever go out of my way to try, but after stalking Bintang Cafe online that's exactly what I did. Indonesian cuisine isn't really a big thing here in Perth, as Asian cuisine in general incorporates fusions of all the different types out there.
And Asian cuisine is love, for its scrumptious food available at relatively cheaper prices.

The place is more of a fast and cheap eats style cafe. Their meals can be thought as cheap but small, or small but cheap. Works both ways, but for the prices the food is still tasty home style cooking. For a place so small, their menu is quite extensive! Portion wise, lets say we gave V Burgers next door a visit right after leaving our table!

The small, cramped space means limited seating that you have to fight for. There's no waiting system so other people coming after us snagged seats and food before us, which can be a bit irritating :( Service is minimal with order & pay at the counter and ambiance is nil - evident with our unwiped wobbly tables and chairs out on the pavement with a lovely view overlooking the carpark.

With bintang translating to star, the business's business suggests people know how to find hidden stars but keep quiet about it.

(08) 9472 9788
Monday - Sunday: 11am to 10pm


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