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Cafe at the Hyatt Regency

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In a crazy moment of genius, (but after being rejected from fully booked Nobu at Burswood), the idea of buffet gripped our conscience. From experience, you really can't fight that off.
Mass never-ending supply of quality food sounded like a better idea than I'm not full yet but I can't afford to order anymore that happens with A la Carte.

I took a short guilt trip when I realised I just had buffet the night before. Knowing I'd go on this guilt trip, packing more greed than guilt into my suitcase definitely helped ;) Buffet again for 2 consecutive nights! :D

I'm livin' the dream.

Sauce & spice condiments
An impressive array of bottles lined up and a colourful mix of peppers and spices are readily available for use. But as if the food isn't cooked well enough! I say skip trying to alter the taste and really savour the natural flavours in the food, enhanced by talented cooking technique.

Breadsticks & Crisps
The most prominent feature that lures attention has got to be this massive...bread fan thing. It earns so much points for presentation, so so important at a buffet. You are attracted to things that look good (food wise), and not so much a big bread fan, I wouldn't have given this a second glance if it didn't make such a bold statement. I stood in front of this staring at it, a little longer than what would be considered normal. Like some food pervert or something.

I just had to break off a piece and ruin the fan. In doing so the snap suggested how crisp the thin piece of bread was. Sprinkled with an abundance of sesame seeds amongst other seeds, it was a bit salty for my liking. That was ok though, as I don't think there should be a place for boring carbs like bread in the stomach at a buffet!

The Hyatt buffet seafood spread made me very happy! Everything was topped up, tasty and probably the most important characteristic of seafood: FRESH! Juicy prawns, crab, natural oysters, mussels, big fat juicy scallops, smaller plump and bouncy prawns and smoked salmon that very nearly tasted like sashimi even.

Nothing tasted fishy or had the faintest smell of the ocean, just purely well cooked and perfectly prepared sea food.

Cold Section
Although not extensive in choice, quality makes up for it. I would have like to seen more, but alas beggers cannot always be choosers ;)

Cheeseboard with assortment of accompaniments, complementing the antipasto style.

Hot food/grill section
This is something unique to a buffet that gives an edge to this buffet. Having a BBQ plate with succulent meats cooking away in an open kitchen brings out the delicious smells of the whole process. And if you're patient enough, you could wait for the next batch of freshly cooked, still sizzling round of goodness straight off the barbeque. I became a meat stalker that night. Just a one off thing.

What they ARE missing is more grilled vegetables - which would seriously, like seriously, make this perfect.

Carvery station
Yes, most buffets do have a roast and carvery section but the latter section is usually abandoned and the personalised carving service you could have got, you can't get. There seemed to be a person permanently docked at the carvery station that night, catering to all meat eating machines.

Cold food selection
A closer inspection into the cold food selection reveals a variety of salads and small goods. Circling around the plate we start with pâté on the far right. I love processed meat mash and all but this was a bit bland plus a bit dry. Salami, roast pumpkin salad, cous cous, chickpea & mushroom salad, potato salad plus a few other savoury cuts of meat completes the cold section.

Hot food selection
Although the creamy vegetarian lasagna, woodfired pizza slices, sweet honey parsnip, crisp roast potato and fresh crusty bread slices deserves your respect, the one stand-out dish worth mentioning has to be the unbelievably tender, soft, lustful roast pork. I could see its softness when the knife met with the meat, and sticking to the description which I mostly hear about awesomely cooked meat - it just fell apart after I prodded it with my fork.

To me, this really outshone the other meats available. You could probably eat this with no teeth. I went for second serves. And then thirds. And then wished you could ask for takeaway containers at buffets.

Hot food selection #2
The other yummy meats that I gave less attention to were still pretty good. Freshly done steak, roast chicken, turkey and chicken breast meat and GRILLED SALMON!!! I could eat salmon everyday for the rest of my life, but I would probably change that to pork instead, if Hyatt was feeding me for the rest of my life :)

Seafood section
Just showing you the seafood presentation I mentioned earlier. Note that these pictures are in chronological order, meaning yep, we started with this, jumped to something else, came back to this, went to something else, ended with this.
It was way good to not keep coming back.

Dessert selection
My dining companion seriously considered skipping out on dessert. I widened my eyes and practically barked at them. "NO, YOU MUST HAVE DESSERT. ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" In hindsight I was a crazy woman with control issues since it seriously isn't my business when it comes to what a person decides to do with their appetite. But really, dessert is compulsory and is a whole course on its own. Were they nuts? It's probably cause they hadn't seen the whole station dedicated to dessert.

Mango cheesecake, petite berry custard tarts, fruit cake, a passionfruity cream layered cake, thick and rich chocolate sponge with heavy chocolate icing and cream and a chocolate log with dainty iced Christmas trees. Dusted with icing sugar, it's a perfect snowy scene depicting the Christmas spirit.
Uh huh, this post is about 4 months overdue.

Plum Tart
A perfect circular baked plum tart encased in a shortbread-like crust pastry captures my attention. It's shiny, golden, wonderfully caramelised, and looking so...undamaged, a very rare occurence at buffets. Everything is demolished for the sake of it.

However, looks can be deceiving and although really citrusy and tangy, the tang of the plums are a bit too overboard for me. The sourness cut through the sweetness a bit too much and caused many "squishy" facial expressions like so >.<

Dessert decorations
And as if your dessert isn't sweet enough, or you just feel like playing with colourful things, these jars of chocolate specks, smarties, jellybeans and peanut M&M's come in handy!

Waffles corner
A very enticing waffle station awaits your request, if the other desserts aren't enough. Doesn't matter either way, cause freshly made waffles are a must have. A heavy duty waffle maker pops out hot, crisp waffles that you can overload with lashings of cream, stewed fruits, butter, syrups and sauces.

You can and should go crazy with the toppings, as you'll probably have more fun messing with waffle decorations than eating it. I know I did. Easily amused.

Dessert selection #2
And a big dish of creme brulee, complete with a crackly layer of hard caramel on top. I very nearly became one of those annoying people at buffets who take the top layers off stuff and leave behind the base. Like apple crumble...potato bakes...creme brulees.......................
but nahhh I didn't :)

I had a big grin on my face coming back from the dessert station with a plate full of this. The lady at the dessert station thoroughly explained what each dessert was while I was excitedly gawping at everything, not taking in much of what she said. I did appreciate the efforts though!

She suggested which ones to try and I did not object, however my excitement was probably too obvious and after a few suggestions she paused and said, "would you just like me to get you one of everything?" HA! I practically must have been salivating liberally all over myself or something.

Dessert shot glasses :)
Being lazy wise and conserving my energy, I attempted to bring my whole party of desserts back to my table all at once. The staff very kindly suggested that I should probably come back to fetch the rest of my precious little shot glasses. I did this, and ended up going back to the dessert station another 3 times :$ This sweet overload made me feel like such a fatty afterwards.

Strategically placing the dessert station right at the front entrance is a form of seduction, and serves as a BIG reminder to SAVE STOMACH FOR DESSERT! The cabinet display is impressive, featuring glasses of sweet temptations. Running from L to R is a rich coconut pudding, an Eton Mess spin-off with strawberries, meringue and cream, a traditional Tiramisu, jelly and custard layers, passionfruit pannacotta, mango pudding and various jelly shots. Serving them in cup form makes it simple to plunge a spoon right to the base, cutting through all the layers and ensuring that consuming the swirl of flavours together is possible.

This is like dessert tapas. So many shots - glasses AND amount of photos I snapped :D Lined them up and took them all within a few minutes. This is by far the most amount of shots I've taken :P Leaves you on a high instead of a headache and throwing up on the street (to which some cool people would actually prefer).
A big sugar hangover definitely beats a shitty alcoholic hangover by far.

Gingerbread House #1
Sadly, these were not edible. Well, maybe they were, but we couldn't touch.
Can't blame Hansel & Gretel, this was hard to resist.

Gingerbread House #2
But for purposes of display, these were awesomely made and very fitting with the festive eating season!

Gingerbread House #2 - side view

Festivity decorations
Yeah I know I'm 4 months late, but you could also take it as I'm 8 months ahead of schedule and wishing you Christmas greetings very early in advance :)
Because I'm organised like that!


With prestigious food awards proudly adorning the hotel's walls, you'd expect no less from a buffet that has been a consecutive Gold plate award winner for buffet dining for 09', 10' and 11'. To gain continuous attention like that is impressive, and Cafe at the Hyatt masters its food, service and atmosphere aspects to a top notch. A very warm, inviting and relaxed atmosphere is created by contemporary decor in the restaurant.

An aspect that gives this place all the credit it deserves is really the immaculate service. It's the finer details that make the experience so much more (or less) enjoyable. Plates are cleared away promptly, you get attention immediately when you want it. All the food counters are interactive, have helpful staff who actually seem like they enjoy their job and actually like people, unlike the distasteful connotations that are attached to Perth's hospitality scene where some staff have swallowed dynamite and can explode and kill customers at any second.

Each of the chefs behind the counters are proud of their work and what they do, and don't hesitate to offer explanations to food noobs (i.e. me. That's why this blog might suck). One even gave me a lengthy explanation on parsnip after seeing me studying and looking very confused at a weirdly shaped honey roasted one. Staff actually acknowledge which course you're at during your 10 course buffet meal. Passing a staff on the way to the dessert station then coming back to see my dirty cutlery replaced with dessert spoons was VERY impressive indeed :D
Along with a neatly folded napkin. Every. Time. You. Return. To. Your. Seat. Respect!

The damage that was done was $150 between 2 people, which can usually kill me in one hit. I very nearly vomited at the price and considered bailing at first but I'm glad I stayed and nearly vomited from eating so much good food instead. You really could sit and munch away for ages without realising how much you've eaten, or the time. An hour after we were meant to meet up with friends, we had just started on dessert. Oops!

Yes we unintentionally dogged the plans we had for after dinner. But when asked to "get our priorities right", I think we have. Because when it comes to buffets, nothing else compares.

(08) 9225 1239

Weekdays: 6am - 10am
Weekends: 6.30am - 10.30am

Daily: 12pm - 2pm

Afternoon Tea
Weekends: 3pm - 5pm

Daily: 6pm - 10pm



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  2. The dessert looks amazing in your photos.

  3. Thanks. You look quite amazing yourself.


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