Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bbar Cafe

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My first memories of this cafe are pretty much, "what the hell, it's a Medical Centre -___-"

Many thanks to Urbanspoon misleading me to a wrong address and many thanks to my bright self for
not thinking of looking across the road where a whole shopping plaza stood.
Originally on time, I was now 15 minutes late and was still driving up and down the same street like a
lost child, convinced that this place had closed down and been transformed to a Medical Centre.

So, so, so oblivious.

Still feeling like breakfast at a time way past lunch, it was good to see breakfast was still being served
until 2pm. Good news for early birds like me, whose day doesn't start until after 12pm. Call it lazy if you
must, while you drag yourself off the bed at 6am every morning :)

Zucchini & Pea Fritters, Smoked Salmon & Watercress Salad - $11.50
I started my day with Something light, that being a category in the menu and with this choice falling under that. And light and healthy it tasted indeed, with a green vegetable patty and all.
So not my typical order, because I usually judge people who eat salad.

The patty could have done with a bit more flavour, but it was a refreshing change to the usual items you see on breakfast menus. A generous inclusion of peas lines the fritters and makes for a good mouthful but I am more partial to the poppity pop sensation and sweeter flavour bursts accompanying corn fritters. And eating something yellow makes me feel better than eating something green.

Nevertheless, these were pretty ok but nothing too memorable. I'm a bit doubtful on just how watercress the watercress salad is, as it looks suspiciously like rocket instead.

Another angle
They say looking at green objects is meant to be good for you. So, sit and stare your guts out.
Much like what I'm doing at the moment as I am lacking inspiration with this annoying mind blank.

B Benedict with Smoked Salmon - $13.50
My piggy counterpart ordered a more standard breakfast dish, that being the B Benedict. This was a masterpiece stacked high with colourful layers of poached free-range eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, raw baby spinach and creamy liquid sunshine, fondly known as hollandaise, all atop circles of rye bagel.

Piggies who are pig lovers will be happy to see that the smoked salmon can be substituted with bacon or leg ham. This might have enhanced the whole dish's flavour by adding that extra saltiness, and made up for the hint of dryness in the bagel.

Hollandaise masterpiece - $Priceless
If you're wondering how the hollandaise tasted, I can't comment because...this happened.
And if you're wondering what happened to the hollandaise, which is probably more likely to be the case ... not much. There is no fascinating story behind this wild, vivid paint explosion on my canvas.

It's merely what you'd usually see on my plate after I'm done with it: piles of fat, crumbs of golden batter, splatters and smears of creamy sauces all left behind, painstakingly peeled, stripped off and cleaned of the original item of food. Picky or a health freak you think?

Nope. More a case of what you have to avoid when you're missing a gall bladder. Yeah it may defeat the purpose of ordering a dish like that, but I'll rather indulge in at least ONE (or two or three) delicious mouthfuls rather than ordering fat free salads for the rest of my life.

I must have left one heck of a good impression with this aftermath. This, is what I call art. And waiters and chefs must hate me for it.


Bbar Cafe operates on a very do it yourself style, with minimal reliance on staff. You find your own table, order and pay concurrently at the counter and obtain a table number. There is minimal interaction with staff, at least on my visit, but genuine service is still provided. Ambiance is a bit dull with no striking efforts made to liven up a cafe and decor is basic, but fanciness is just a bonus.

Their menu covers a variety of items, specialising more towards lunch item choices. Prices are fair and serving sizes are good representations of prices. What's tempting my taste buds the most are the availability of gourmet wood fired pizzas all throughout the day, and all the way til 9pm most nights. It's rare to find a local cafe in the suburbs that stays open for business for 13 hours straight!

Bbar, affectionately known to us Bieber Cafe, doesn't attract me as a young, screaming, crazy, off-my-head starstruck fan girl, although I may be converted after being exposed to more of their works and sample more of their items. You never know what sort of successes something/someone seemingly normal can achieve after all.


  1. Those eggs looks so weird and yellow.

    Just like you!


    P.S. You may delete this comment

  2. I would say something right now, but then I'd be mistaken as racist. So I won't say it :)


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