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Siena's: Morley

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T: Man, too much exercise. Need fat stuff to balance it out again.
Seriously, he is lucky to have one hardworking metabolism slaving away for him to keep that forever model figure =p

Italian would be the first suitable choice that comes to mind, naturally.
Carbs, cheese and cream are the best culprits to resort to for weight loss. Naturally!

We were really really really x100 starving and felt pretty ambitious with our order. When you're deprived of food for a few hours (or in my case, like, an hour LOL) you feel like you can eat the world. So this is what followed:

Affogato - $5.50
So like there's this friend of mine who orders Affogato everywhere. And on the occasions I've been there, I've got to benefit from that without needing to get my own caffeine dose. And thus far, Siena's version is the best I've seen, presentation wise. It's all grand looking and separated so you can control your drink, and dictate how fast your ice cream melts. Always handy.

The tall triangular glass holds a generously sized blob of creamy vanilla gelati ice cream, suffice to be a dessert on its own. Mmhmm. I started off my dinner with a few too many spoonfuls of dessert. Served with a shot of espresso on the side, some may consider $5.50 a little steep.

Affogato - Post mixing
Here's the somewhat DIY affogato, looking a bit ugly. Never underestimate.

So creamy, so smooth, so contrasting flavours and textures together in the one luscious drink.
You get hits of cold creamy ice cream mingling with the rich, heavy, bittery taste of espresso and really, it is quite the drink.

You have cold, you have hot, you have sweet, you have bitter, then you have addiction.
A winner of a bittersweet combination.

Works Pizza - $24.90 (SN: $17.90)
Pizza is usually topping many "favourite foods" lists despite it being what it is. Probably a hate-love relationship cause it probably does you more damage than it does good, despite the fact you'll probably consume SO much more vegies if they were dumped on a pizza. Like yes to capsicum on pizza but no to capsicum in any other form.

Personally I actually prefer the less authentic versions of pizza base and crusts cause they're so much better to chew and provide so much more crunch. Wood fired pizza crusts just don't satisfy me in the same way :( And really, I'd go for 3 Dominos pizzas over this anyday.

This was a no brainer to order. We wanted everything and this pizza was closest to having everything. The Works boasted tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, Italian sausage, chicken, capsicum, olives, artichokes, mushrooms and sundried tomato. Om nom nom.

Base wasn't too my liking so I dissected my pizza. Having ate the ingredients on top, my bare pizza base looked pretty naked. The last time I did this we threw pasta on top of the pizza base and ever since, it's become our somewhat standard approach to eat pizza =] Try it!

Ravioli - $20.90 (SN: $15.90)
This was a waste of an order and should not have been ordered. My fault. I wanted something different other than the usual cheesy, creamy, red or white sauced pastas but this different choice failed us. The description intrigued me but that's as far as the intriguing part got, and we were all pretty disappointed. Word usage is a powerful but powerfully deceptive skill!

I mean, it certainly looked alright. Pumpkin and ricotta filled pasta pillows in a white wine, garlic, cream Napoletana sauce topped with fresh rocket leaves and shaved parmesan. To say the least, lets see, it was bland and had no taste, the filling was stingy and practically you just can't tell that you're eating pumpkin or ricotta and some pillows weren't thoroughly cooked so even the extravagant sounding sauce didn't save the day. At least it looked decent.

I really hate giving negative or even anything-less-than-good comments but if I didn't then I'd be lying. Sorry Siena's. You still do alright. This was actually a struggle to finish on our table and the last lone pillows were unwanted. As per usual, this is where I come in and the leftovers get disposed, into my stomach, because I can't stand food wastage.
I hope my good deed gets me somewhere someday! :)

Fettuccini Siena - $24.90 (SN: $17.90)
The Fettuccini Siena was prooobably the best choice out of our choices. I mean a dish named after a restaurant should not be a let down by any means, right? I quite liked looking at the dish without having even eaten it yet, colour was pretty awesomely orange.
To those of you who have asked for my colour preferences, yup, orange is one of my favourite colours. I allow you to wrap my future presents in orange wrapping paper =p Ok thanks :)

This consisted of long stringy fettuccini pasta with plump prawns and broccoli in a vodka flavoured tomato and cream sauce, sprinkled with chilli flakes, giving it the slightest hint of spiciness. Not overwhelming, but noticable. And creamy sauce is always a winner with anything. It's one of those universal foods that can make anything better, even though I avoid it when it's on its own.

Not exactly sure what the sauce was meant to taste like but I couldn't help but notice the lack of any slight, hint, itty bitty teeny tiny bit of alcohol tasting element in the sauce. I know its not meant to be overpowering and I know it's meant to be subtle, but damn this was wayyy too subtle to the point of being non-existent.
Or maybe, I don't drink, I'm ignorant to what vodka is, and just didn't sense it being in the sauce.
Yes. Most likely. :)
Chilli Mussels being served
Interesting serving presentation, I say. Presumably this is meant to lock in the steam and keep those hot chilli mussels even hotter. Though a tad unnecessary...but kept me entertained for a little under 5 seconds. The novelty in this died after that. Ahh, short lived.

Garlic Bread
The concept of garlic bread has evolved over the times to become many things, many of those being not very garlic bready at all. Well maybe just not garlicy but still very bready. Too bready.
This was pretty much just buttered toast with fancier bread sorta thing. And 2 little mere pieces just doesn't seem fitting with that big plate of chilli mussels.

It is somewhat sad, or not, depending on how you look at it, to say the most memorable and best garlic bread I've come across so far is one out of a plastic packaging out of an IGA supermarket. It's amazing that such good garlic bread can be replicated, or my standards are just low.. Either way, that was crazy good. I will never forget that day.

Chilli Mussels - $24.50
And when the plate was lifted off, I was greeted with the sight and smells of this chilli mussel extravagance. Depending on how you feel towards mussels and how much you like eating mussels, the sight may either get you excited or flip your stomach. I actually quite like mussels but observing the picture more and more makes it look rather putrid.

Maybe it's the blackness, the abundance of hard shiny shell exteriors and the fact that everything there except the red parts are inedible that's sorta putting me off. Alot of the mussels had parted ways with their homes and some homes were still locked up but overall it was pretty good with the tomato chilli sauce.

Cheese side dish. Lol...
This extra bowl of pure cheese was served with one of the pasta dishes, but my memory fails me and I can't remember which one. Most likely the ravioli one. This went untouched. Maybe we were meant to touch it, then maybe the ravioli wouldn't have been so bland. Ahhh...

I haven't seen cheese being served on the side like this. By the end of the night I just wanted to do something with it. Had to. Being me, I ended up just eating half a spoonful of it, on its own. I have no idea why I did. They all had a go at me for "contaminating the chese", so now the cheese has to be thrown away...

No, stupid friends. Pretty sure it's going straight in the bin regardless...?

Lol. So this is our water-jug-turned-fish-tank, which in turn looked like an attempt to vivify the chilli mussel. I must stress that this was a pure accident, we are definitely not immature little brats playing with our food, no no, none of that.

Sharing food meant a lot of transferral of food across the table and in the middle of the journey, we all heard a distinct *PLOP!*, and found that Y had clumsily dropped a mussel straight into the water jug, which had a small opening the SAME size as the mussel itself. My disapproving applause immediately became one of sheer admiral.

Well freaking done.


Siena's had always been the first restaurant that came to mind whenever Italian is mentioned. It's always been delicious, generously sized, good value and a laid back atmosphere to it that makes you feel at home. Having all this in mind, the first thing I noticed was the change of menu (ok, cool...) but also with the change of prices (NOO!).

I mean, the prices are still standard and pretty fair, but you know, in comparison to having seen what the former prices are, it's pretty sad. The servings have also changed and based purely on what we ordered, the tastes have also fared worse off than before, but that is all a selfish subjective opinion of course.

Kitchen also closes unbelievably early on a Thursday night, as we got there a little bit past 8pm and were asked to make our orders ASAP as the kitchen was closing. As I hurriedly scanned through the menu, all the pizza/pasta dishes had a more attractive, more affordable price next to the standard price with the initals SN next to them. We could have saved $20!

So, point taken: come on Special Nights! (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays btw :))
-It's not being cheap, it's being cost efficient =p There is a difference! Like...I'm dumb, but I'm not stupid LOL

So after we settled the bill, we headed straight to McDonalds for the next 3 hours to fill up the still-empty spaces in our stomachs with fries, soft serves, cokes and fake oreos - Rodeos.

No really. Just Google imaged rodeo biscuit. A whopping ONE picture made it through. Shockinggg! But fake=good, still. Sometimes. Most times, not.

You know when people are like "I ate 3 packs of oreos"? And it's like meh because it doesn't sound like much? Well, T said this. There's 18 in a pack we were eating, and after some slow calculations:

Sounds so boss, huh? It really changes how you perceive a mere "3 packs of oreos" and how you look at them now: with praise and so much more respect...
And this is the same T that feels too healthy after exercise.
It's a miracle.


  1. hi5 to Domino's pizza :D

    andddddddddddd CHILLI MUSSELS LOVEEEEE<3333333
    but i haven't tried it at Siena's, because my love for chilli mussels remains loyal to the ones from Cicerellos =)

  2. Rodeo!


  3. I like mini oreos

  4. I like oreos without the cream :)

    Anonymous you really need to get a name LOL


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