Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is now.
And the anticipated noises of celebrations doesn't seem to be around.
It is lacking something. It is quiet.
And I'm not sure if I'm ready to welcome the new year to my doorstep.

But before I sound like an absolute pessimistic dawg, I am forward looking. Not necessarily needing something to look forward to, but at least forward looking and keeping my head up.
It's important to look back and realise where you've come to stand now, and the end of the year is probably the best time to do so.
But I've also learnt that looking backwards while you step makes you more vulnerable to fall.
Gosh, I'm growing up way fast. I sound like your mother!

But more importantly, Christmas is a time that makes us all acknowledge that we're here, and celebrating the same thing, wherever we are. So while you're out there overeating a shitload of food and complaining about how full and fat you are, I say take a little time to pray for those who don't get to complain about eating too much.

I walked past World Vision the other day and I got a sudden urge within me to change the world. Even in the tiniest way possible, and one step at a time.
I purchased ONE christmas present this year. I bought a chicken for someone I didn't know, who lives on the other side of the world.
And I felt GREAT.

I don't celebrate Christmas so I don't receive presents, but really, the feeling of giving is the best present ever. True story!

Simplicity is what I believe in. So maybe, if I hoped for something simple, I will get it.
A little ask for the biggest present.

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is:
- A better year in 2012.

So to you, thank you in advance, for playing a part of my Santa :-)

So stuff yourselves crazy, get fat, show no regrets for it, carouse around but stay safe!

Merry Delicious Christmas everyone! :-)

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