Sunday, 27 November 2011

Yip Kee Noodle Restaurant

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It's devastatingly rare to still be able to choose where to grab dinner after about 9pm in Perth.
After like 4 hours of badminton and vigorous running, diving, getting hit by cocks, we decided on a fair deal:
Loser shouts dinner.

I didn't shout dinner.
We're too good.
We even won in a 3 vs. 2 game.
(My side being 3. LOL)
We didn't even need to cheat to win!
Too pro.

A schmancy dinner would have been great since we were supposedly getting a free dinner, but conveniently and lucky enough for the losers, there was still an open restaurant nearby where we were, past 9.30pm. It made sense to bolt there ASAP before they decided to close up.
So we scattered to our respective cars and drove allllll the way, across the road. LOLLL what?
4 hours of exercise was definitely enough for the week.

We called the following to share. Not like different bowls for each person and grab from the middle type of share. By share I think we just meant intrude into each other's plate whenever we wanted to.

Satay Beef
This was a pretty well flavoured dish. I'd started to regret calling my own dish when I'd realised it had bones in it and was hoping someone would be nice enough to swap with me. Nobody did. So I did my best to eat everyone else's food until I got rejected =]

This smelt really satay-ey, with mixed vegetables stir fried with beef slices in satay sauce served with rice. Simple but nevertheless tasty.

Honey Chicken

I didn't try this. Suchhh a generic, conventional, boring dish. I can't help it. It may be fantastically mind blowing or can taste like heaven but for me, honey chicken will always just be honey chicken. There's no special place for it in my heart.

Usually I know it's the crispy batter that does it for people. Anything deep fried usually does it for most people. But it just gets annoying when you bite into a honey chicken ball, but you feel like you've ordered just deep fried batter balls instead. Just batter wrapped in batter. See, that's when too much of a good thing is bad.

But when it's done well, ooooooh. Succulent popping hot chicken wrapped in golden crunchy batter coated in sweet, sticky, syrupy burning hot honey sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds and deep fried rice noodle threads must be the best thing ever. Hopefully I just described Yip Kee's version of honey chicken.

Malaysian Curry Chicken

I was so determined to try this so didn't let anybody else order it. LOL. Like I've said before, only because I'm selfish and I wanted to try more dishes instead of ordering 2 of the same things on the same table. But then laziness is my most prominent and strongest strength (??) and I give up altogether. Why can't chickens and everything else just be boneless?

At this point I swapped dishes with M, who ended up de-boning my chicken for me. Yay! And I got to eat her boneless chicken and cashew nut dish while she did that for me. Yay! Double win.
And gave her dish back half finished. Oopsie, accident...

This was ok, but I've had better Malaysian curry chicken. Good enough, actually.

Beef Rendang
I'd always thought beef rendang was a drier, darker beef dish with less liquidy sauce. Here the beef rendang is swimming in a sauce suspiciously looking exactly like my curry chicken sauce. I can guarantee beef curry was not ordered!

But ah well, I tried a little block of beef after numerous attempts of reaching across the table and being denied access to the dish. I've learnt not to ask for permission because people know I'll reach for it regardless, and ask after I've forked something. Hehe.

Beef was pretty tender, forgetting about any rendangness it should be and served with fried rice instead of steamed rice will cost you an extra $1. Just a heads up.

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

I think I pretty much demolished this dish off. Funny thing is though, this isn't even mine. This was "my second dish" as I mentioned previously. It wasn't like awesomely awesome or anything but it was nice to have a really home-style dish like this.

Stirfried vegetables and chicken with what seemed like endless supply of cashew nuts. Nuts everywhere I dug! Everywhere! Nuts!

Barbeque Pork

From memory this actually wasn't on the menu, and apparently this was meant to be a "really good dish" and runs out by the end of the day because of its popularity. was 9.30pm.
I guess we got lucky? Or...

I'm not sure how much this costed but it was a little mountain of meat that didn't get finished in the end. It tasted alright. Think it would be a bit sweet with the more you eat, so the sour vegetables on the side would probably do a great deal of help.

Bigger pork pieces would have probably worked wonders to improve the dish. Slices were chopped into little itty bitty pieces and just...scrappy. It's like you're eating scraps. I feel like a bird. A bird eating scraps. Scrappy scrap scrap. crap.



Yip Kee is a little eatery hidden away in the suburb of Maylands and serves up pretty decent dishes at affordable prices. These were all $10 meals, minus the BBQ which was a little more. On the occasions I've came have all been lunch time, when they offer a bigger variety of hawker style dishes on the Lunch menu.

I tried my luck and tried ordering from the category that said Only available at lunch time. Yeah I know I was about 7 hours too late but no harm in trying right? What WAS ordered came out super fast, but probably because we were the only ones in the restaurant. They were closing up around us as we ate, stacking chairs etc etc. I do appreciate restaurants who stay open for last orders and when staff are clearly ready to go home, but don't. And don't make you feel unwanted.

But still,
I sort of felt like a waste of space. Lol. That also happens on other occasions. Occasionally.


So what did you eat today?

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