Thursday, 3 November 2011

Taka Japanese Cuisine

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After a painstaking long 30 minutes worth of catching up lectures, my stomach was just like,
STOP. Why so hardworking for?!

And I agreed. I'm so damn studious.
And so I stopped my ridiculous studious habits and all carpooled out to one of our favourite eating joints in the city, both value and taste-wise. It's no wonder it's always packed inside.
Full of hungry people, good looking food and over excited buzzers everywhere, which then in turn over excites me whenever it buzzes :D

Dinner for 3, happily shared around like a big fat happy family :)
Japanese style Curry - $7.30
Let me start with perhaps the most unappealing plate of food for the night. And every other time cause lets face it, curry is pretty damn ugly right? But always delicious, however :D
This was my friend's dinner from the night before this meal, served up on a plate*. LOLOL =p
Taka's curries are tasty, even though it looks like crap. Literally. This particular choice was chicken katsu curry served over rice with some lettuce pieces. Good, simple, nourishing brain food.
*Apologies for the crude and distasteful humour. 
Fresh Chicken Udon - $7.30
I got the feeling I wanted to be in a soupy kind of place, and plus, switching from rice sounded like a nice change, since I never seem to do it. This sounded *light* and *fresh* and not so heavy that it would make me want to fall asleep after dinner instead of returning back to my studious self of course.
Udon noodle soup with chicken pieces made for a good meal. They use chicken breast. Breast is something I don't usually like cause I'm not perverted like that and generally like the fleshy smooth thighs more ;) But here I'm not too fussed. I like all of Taka's bits =p
Teriyaki Chicken Udon - $7.30
Same choice as mine, substituted meat. Well not really, its still chicken, DAMN we love our chicken...but just a different form of chicken. Teriyaki chicken strips in udon noodle soup with the same garnish.
It's quite cute really.
But they do give you enough chicken to satisfy, it really is HEAPED ON high and stacked up like a neverending supply of chicken.


Yeah okay, I cheated, this is two different dinners compiled into one post. Don't be put off or scared by our seemingly gluttinous appetites since I said this was a dinner for 3 and there's 7 meal orders posted up LOL.
That being said, I think many of my friends wouldn't be too surprised if that were the case. I mean I am their rubbish bins most of the time after all :$ GLADLY! =)

Chicken Karaage - $7.30
I gotta admit, one of the things I miss the most is my gall bladder. Not so much the organ itself, but the things I could eat when I still did have the thing inside me. Without it, I am restricted from so many things I love, one of those being this dish at Taka. The bloody awesome Chicken Karaage. Sigh.

I generally called this dish at Taka, 100% of the time (LOL coffee prince :D) Without fail, I could probably eat it everyday for the rest of my life, but then again, that would probably mean I wouldn't live very long anyways so I wouldn't be eating it for too long LOL.

Marinated garlic/ginger chicken pieces, deep fried...yeah okay...served with salad. BOOM healthy meal right there =) You see the picture? Half plate of greasy chicken, half plate of a garden. Balanced meal right there!

It's good stuff. The interior is always popping hot and juicy and the outside is seductively crunchy and delicious. They've got this magical honey mustardy sauce available as well, and its like a match made in heaven, right inside Taka.

Chicken Katsu - $7.30
Deep fried. Panko crumbed. Chicken fillet strips. Combine words together. Imagine inside your mouth. MATEEEEE!

This wasn't my dish but I found my eyes constantly checking it out and eyeing it down. Such a good looking plate of chicken. Panko crumbs from what I know are a special type of Japanese breadcrumbs that have a crispier and airier texture. Greasier too, probably.

You can see the gleam of oil in the picture. It's either that, or just a very dirty iPhone camera lolol.
Teriyaki Don - $7.30

Nowadays it's teriyaki everything at Japanese meals. Personally I'm not so fussed about it. For me it's just a little meh.

This is chicken fillet strips cooked in teriyaki sauce, served over a bed of rice and salad. I think you can begin to sense the pattern in the meals at Taka, with the rice and salad plus meat variation. I should probably mention the free miso soup that comes with large meals also.

Oyako Don - $7.30
And this is my order. I thought I'd go for something a bit different and then realised I'd chosen the plain chicken version, exactly the same as last time but with rice instead of Udon.
Damn I'm dull without even realising it! Guess I enjoy the plain-ness and simplicity :)

This was a bowl of Japanese style egg omlette with plain chicken pieces and onions, garnished with nori seaweed and an overall sweet flavour. It comes in a big bowl that you can happily eat with just a spoon and not having to fuss about other eating utensils and crappy spiky splintered chopsticks. Which means you can probably eat faster than you normally can too.

Friend: "You're really hungry aren't you :)"
Well yeah, either that or it's pretty damn good since I took epic fast to down this whole bowl of food in what seemed like no time at all. Which then resulted in me picking at bits from other's plates of food because I had nothing else to do except wait for everyone else to finish :)


If you haven't already realised, this whole post consists of chicken, chicken and more chicken x100. All chicken, all large meals. It makes it seem like Taka is one big Japanese KFC but it is definitely not. Its menu is extensive, offers other meats and is affordable as well as being a good quality feed. I assure many will keep returning.

The place is always really busy with all sorts of customers, but despite the fact that it can be hard to get a table, the turnover is extremely fast. On top of that, the meals are ready in no time at all. It's crazy quick. Order, sit down, get some tea and then your buzzer already goes crazy. It's a very efficient system set up, where it's all a very non fuss eatery - you go in, you eat, you go out.

Free sauces/seasonings, free tea from one of those huge boiler things means you can get a free drink - for free! Lolol. It's all do-it-yourself system with all the cups there, meaning I usually am too lazy to get up from my seat once I sit down with/without food so...I spam on the cup usage and fill up like 3 at once and bring it back to my table. All. For. Me. Mua. Ha. Ha.

Tips: Avoid peak meal times. Don't forget to keep some cash on hand. EFTPOS facilities are non existant once again. It's one of the reasons why the queue keeps shuffling fast even though there's a sea of people floating around crowdedly, cause nobody's allowed to flash their cards and create traffic inside a constantly-moving traffic-less restaurant.


  1. MMMMMM I sure feel like some of that teriyaki udon in this weather :D AND especially coz I'm staying at uni til late! :(

  2. "I'm so damn studious".
    Love it.

  3. haven't been to Taka in ages...
    love jap food, but i think i prefer sushi/nigiri type

  4. mgw, I studied til 4am last night.
    I'm TOO damn studious. Hate it.


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