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Eden Delicacy

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I'm not sure to what extent this applies to people, but for me, hitting the books always means hitting the food even more.
Sure, studying is connotated with stress, but even more sure, stress is connotated with CONSTANT PIGGING OUT!

The worrying, the lack of sleep, the procrastination, the post-procrastination guilt, the consequential cramming because of that guilt, the i'll-study-tomorrow urges, amazingly still means I don't eat any less.
It is a miracle I haven't really gained any extra kilos since high school days.

So what can I say? The journey to study meant a journey to a new restaurant :)
Who knew the pursuit for knowledge meant a new blog post ;)
I think I may have found a new interest!

(Trying out new restaurants, of course) =p

Udon Noodles
Took me a while to decide on breakfast. Not because I was in a carnivore in a vegetarian restaurant and feel so lost (ok, maybe*) but because I needed to make a choice out of the options available, and that's always a difficult task for me. And then, I'd have to sieve through those choices to a relatively healthy, low fat, less oily dish, EVEN IN a vegetarian haven.

I repeat, it seriously sucks. It gives people the wrong impression, perhaps the most WRONGEST, most MISLEADING impression ever, that I'm on a diet. Eww.

Because even with no meat involved, the way stuff is prepared might still screw around with my stomach. I can never risk it. So the owner was kind enough to offer to make something that specifically catered for my needs, like a MYO kind of thing. She asked me, soup or stir fried? What type of noodles?
And in the end, I realised what I'd chosen had come straight off the menu anyway. I am suchhh a bright kid!!!

So this bowl of udon came with capsicum strips, seaweed, "prawns" and "fishballs", both in quotation marks because not including the quotation marks would be a lie, as much as it would be a lie and maybe even a sin to serve in a vegetarian restaurant =p Fake meat always tastes pretty good to me, but it's not so real that you'd mistaken it for the real thing. That being said, real fishballs tastes pretty fake to me anyway.

Decent serving size, perhaps maybe even on the smaller side. My dining friend even said something about being surprised if I were able to finish it all. Baa haa haarrr what a joke, guess just didn't know me well enough! That impression is now long gone *sob*, after witnessing my very timid 5 plates + soup + dessert streak at buffet.
+1 for disbelief but +1 for respect as well. I hell earnt that respect well.

*Nah I'm kidding, I'm not a food snob. I'm happy and grateful with anything as long as I get food and not deprived of it :)

Eden Noodles
Ok, so from the epically VAGUE and pretty fail descriptions I've collected for this dish, this is what I got:

It tasted nice =)

BLOG RUINERRR! Since I didn't taste this myself it's hard to judge. So apparently the highlight of this was "uberrr good soup", enhanced by ... mustard?! Yep, you're probably like me: EW, mustard soup?! Like, mustard-that-goes-on-hot-dogs soup?! Lol, but no, mustard as in pickled mustard, somewhat like the preserved vegetables you can find in packets from Asian supermarkets.

This would probably remind me of my dad's homemade version, a sour-ish based, vinegary tasting soup and ever so addicting. Daw, I miss his cooking =( He's quite the chef in my life =)

Seaweed Omlette
So when a restaurant promotes one of its dishes as its signature specialties, it would be dumb to not order it right? So even though we were on the verge of being very full, what the heck. One more dish wouldn't hurt too much, and the name of this thing sounded all the more intruiging.
What on earth did a seaweed omlette look like? Would it be green? Would it taste like ... the beach? For a while my brain didn't realise that I ate seaweed all the time in Japanese cuisine.

I pretty much imagined collective seaweed bunches washed up on the shore of sandy beaches, gathered together, washed, chopped and slapped into an omlette.
Gosh, these vegetarians eat anything! =p (Initial stupid thought)

Alas, thank God, this was not the case OF COURSE! It came out looking very pretty and attractive, and this was when my brain started functioning again: OHHHHHHH, seaweeeeeed, I see. #8904580954892835479834543562512th dumbest moment ever.

It came served with a bowl of red, slightly thick, slightly spicy, slightly sweet dipping sauce (not pictured), which was meant to enhance the taste of it in an unbelievable way, apparently. I reckon it did fine without. Ingredients were seaweed, mushrooms, bok choy plus some kind of mysterious melon I couldn't recognise (yeah, fail, sorry). All held together with eggy mixture as well as a slightly interesting but even more slightly sickening clear, gluggy, sticky textured ... GOO. It was somewhat offputting but I'm a disgusting person so I ate it anyway =D LOL

Tasted prettayyy good. The omlette. Not the goo.
Well, the goo as well, since it was an inclusion inside the omlette.
Actually now that I think about it, without that liquid adhesive, the dish just wouldn't be as unique.

...Think I'll let you insert your own caption here ;)
This is a picture from a series a friend sent me, which I have enough of to compile a picture book of the food adventures experienced daily of his business trip. I thought I'd include this one here as it's a pretty damn accurate depiction of the GOO that was used inside that omlette. I think this is where creativity comes to play, where looking at this picture may stimulate widelyyy different thoughts inside different people's brains...

I won't hesitate to say, one of the most obvious descriptions that came about was something like,
Man, I just ate a bowl of sperm for lunch today!
But that was a guy talking, so...........yeah.
I'll stop there and leave the rest up to your vivid imaginations ;)


I'd never really known of this little simple eats restaurant that caters for those who have a meat aversion or just want to eat healthy for a meal, once in a blue moon =) I mean, you feel good about yourself because not only have you done your health good but you've done the world good, by letting one little animal free. Sort of. Not really.
But you know, eating here meant I'd done my little good deed for the day :D TEE HEE

It's a great concept, a purely vegetarian eatery serving up a variety of meals, snacks and desserts, which shows you still have a large variety to choose from if you love your animals too much to eat them. There's not many of these around Perth, I'm guessing because Perth is a largely animal-consuming nation (with the iconic Aussie BBQ and all) so if you see these pop up, it's worth a try.

There's not much seating available inside, but they've got a constant trickling stream of customers during lunch time, which is good to see. I love seeing family owned and run businesses be successful, because it shows anyone can be, if you put your heart to it :)
It's nice to see others' accomplishments when I don't see myself having too many achievements. Maybe that's because my heart wanders around too much.

Or, MAYBE, because I don't even have a heart. Apparently.


  1. i realised that i actually never get udon noodles at jap restaurants

  2. I never get udon. Except the last post in Taka. And...this post too...LOLOL
    But yeah, I never get udon :)


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