Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wok in a Box: Hillary's Boat Harbour

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Ok so I got to admit, I'm not usually one for cramped up take-out and squished up food in a box. Even when it's in one of those cute and sophisticated cardboard boxes that miraculously hold liquids like a pro that I always get fascinated at.

That's not to suggest I'm some prissy food snob or anything like that, no no.
Far from that. So far from it that in fact, I had a Happy Meal tonight for my dinner. See, I loved my happiness in-a-box. Epic name choice, Maccas!

I used to survive on those. Like every other happy kid. Especially overdosed on these back when the Snoopy collection was available.
Mannn, those were the best times of my life.

So anyway, considering our eating options at the Hillarys boardwalk, Wok in a Box was surprisingly the most appealing at the time. Never thought I'd end up back at one of these stir fry to go places so soon. Too less of a break from the last visit!
Verdict? Not too bad at all!

Serving sizes
So needless to say, with my anorexic figure and all, the larger box obviously belongs to me =p It's somewhat surprising, seeing that I'm considerably smaller than my eating partner. But yeah, don't judge me by my size I guess. In fact, don't judge ANYTHING before you get to know it. So many people are taken aback by my eating capacity and think I'm absolutely insane.
I also make people jealous alot :) so I consider myself damn lucky.

This was my breakfast for the day, probably close to 1pm. A good effort on my behalf, since breakfast can be like 2 or 3pm sometimes. Terrible, I know, really need to discipline myself into getting back into a regular lifestyle and start living like a normal person again. I like being different and all, but these are one of the rare times where it's not good nor healthy to be.

The stunny vibrant redness of these cardboard boxes makes me feel like I'm diving into a box of greasy KFC. That would have been awesome, but not too awesome for my body that's missing a gall bladder. Plus these are better quality.....boxes =p
In fact, I think we may have eaten here purely because of the boxes -.-

MYO Vegetarian noodles - $7.50
There's probably 2 types of people in this world. Those who love animals, and those who don't. I absolutely ADORE animals so much that I will eat every single one of them. And then there are those who ADORE animals so much that won't eat ANY of them. See, now that just makes me look bad and cruel and really not animal-friendly.

So the meal above is the meal for the saint who doesn't know what animals even taste like and doesn't touch them. Hardly even knows what a fish looks like, apparently. Catch my drift? What a good samaritan right!

So with the vegetarian make-your-own box, it costs you $7.50 but you can choose the whole buffet of vegetables, unlimited choice. The ingredients in this I can name is as good as your own judgement from the photo, so I won't bother. So very colourful and disgustingly healthy though. This would probably be too healthy for me even if I was on a diet.
Which...I would never go on to be honest =D

Teriyaki Chicken Stirfry - $8.95
I didn't feel like greasy noodles so early in the morning, I went for the *healthier* and *lighter* option of rice. So I pretty much just substituted carbohydrates with...more carbohydrates. Hah. I would choose rice over noodles ANYDAYYY though. I lurveee my carbs :D

I opened this and was like, WOAH man so much onion! And indeed every mouthful was full of it. It's good that it was sweet and soft and caramelised with that sweet but not sickly teriyaki sauce. Combined in a stirfry with chicken cubes, broccoli and verrry limited bok choy on a bed of steamed rice made a very satisfying Asian style breakfast.

After a few long hours of hard and productive procrastination, it was time to reward myself with a treat from San Churros. I love that hard work pays off in the end. Gotta reward yourself for working so hard once in a while frequently, right?! =p

Guilt kicks in when you lie to yourself. So I decided on the Kids Churros which gives you a smaller version of the normal serving. 3 mini churros - very artistically crafted and placed too! - with a pot of melted dark couverture chocolate and another colourful pot of hundreds and thousands. Colours always make me happy, cause they remind me of the simplicity of what happiness meant, way back then.

Looks like more time and effort and strategy is spent on the kids churros. They've really got the presentation thing going on. Might start getting the kids size from now on. All those rainbow balls and all brings me a little closer to childhood again.


If Noodle Box and Wok in a Box were situated together, I would probably choose the latter. I'm not expert on takeaway stirfrys but I guess it's just a matter of personal preference here. Plus, red is one of my favourite colours and more symbolic of Asian culture and I know that is a ridiculous reason to make a judgement of the actual food =p

Wok in a Box ingredients tasted really fresh and its appearance looked pretty fresh too. The waiting time is also pretty damn fast so if you're starving your ass off it's probably a good choice. Everything there is on a very convenient system, all the cutlery and utensils are set out and you're good to go. By the looks of it many people dined in and chose to get wok on a plate instead of in a box and I reckon it looked much better that way. Certainly better than dining out of a box, it even looked like you get more on a plate though that's probably a misjudgement.

Another plus side of it is that it's in such a good location. In fact ALL the restaurants are in such a pretty location, right by the harbour. Everything's laid back and nice but I guess that's the effect that nature has. It's got such a relaxed breezy atmosphere when the sun is shining...the clouds are drifting...the sea is...floating... :S
...and sigh I really need to work on my visual descriptions.


  1. lol so there's no age limit on the kids churros?

  2. lol maybe i just look like a kid?
    nah i think they don't restrict adults so that's pretty cool.



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