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Noodle Box

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My life is a broken record player.
I reiterate the same story over and over, many many times and I get quite sick of writing it.
I think...I have a bad habit of not learning from mistakes. And that can be the most stupid and dangerous thing ever.

So damn it, yet again I am only at Noodle Box because another restaurant had already closed by the time I got there. And even Noodle Box was on the verge of closing, and they wouldn't even serve the poor customer who came in less than 5 minutes after I.
I feel for you, man. It's hurts to be deprived of dinner.

I'd planned to go to this Jap restaurant, for a late lunch at around 4pm. Not much of a surprise but alot of devastation, it hadn't opened yet at that hour.
Fine. I'll catch them again when they open for dinner.
A few short hours later, we stroll back to the same restaurant.
"Sorry, we're closed" WHAT?! First I'm too early, now I'm too late?! Not much devastation this time but alot of frustration. And what I'd call a hunger rageee.
It's like I emit this radar that automatically shuts restaurants down when I get into their vicinity. Spooky spooky stuff and soo not cool bro.

So anyway, by now, I didn't care what I was going to eat anymore. My stomach was doing somersaults everywhere. You know, like when you're so hungry you wanna throw up like your own intestines.
Unfortunately, that didn't happen, because I kept them in place with the following (not very attractive meals at all) - but then again, when does take out ever look attractive anyway? Eating too much of it would probably even make one look unattractive at that :(

Honey Soy Chicken Box
I think I was somewhat craving a sweet tasting thing to eat, but did not fancy a dessert for my dinner. I guess that's how I naturally chose the Honey Soy Chicken box, that consisted of thick egg noodles, chicken, baby corn, cashew nuts and Asian vegetables wok tossed in honey and soy sauce.

I'd rather eat something with a sweet tinge rather than something that's too salty. And for some, they might get sick of the sauce the more they eat of this cause the sweetness would start to build up after a while. I'm a sweet person naturally, :), so I can deal with that.

First few mouthfuls in and I was like, woah, they are REALLY generous with their chicken! It was everywhereee and initially I had thought they had piled most of the meat on top with nothing deeper into the box. For the first time ever, I was pleased to say that I was wrong. SO MUCH CHICKEN, but that's about it. The downfall of this was that I probably ate only 2 little, tiny, VERY BABY INDEED corn.

Combo Box
This was ordered as the small serve and I think by the time we switched boxes to eat, I was nearly halfway through my LARGE Honey Soy Chicken Box and this was still full. Oh, hel-lo :)

For variety, this choice is probably the way to go. A compilation of thin egg noodles, roast pork, lean beef, chicken, prawn, shrimp and vegetables wok tossed in oyster sauce gives you a little bit of a lot. You can sample an entire farm in here.

For me, this got a bit salty after a few mouthfuls, but that's just me. There was only one prawn, but decent amount of shrimp in there. And man, get towards the bottom of the box and your stir fry nearly turns into noodle soup! The amount of sauce is crazy, with about 2cm+ of liquid drenching your noodles.

Small and Regular sizes
Here's a rough idea of the difference in sizes that are available. It doesn't seem like a lot, but the large is bigger in height and also in width. Not sure if it's worth the extra $4/$5 though, you're probably just paying for more noodles. You can get out and buy 10 packets of 2 minute noodles and be very happy with that.

The small box IS quite adorable though. Mini versions of just about everything are though, right? Cause small things are always cuter :P Just not when it comes to food sizes. Upsize all the way! But good things do come in small packages ;)

With all the stuff these paper/cardboard boxes can hold, you can tell they're pretty sturdy and reliable and you need not worry about your noodles ending up on your lap rather than your stomach, unless you're a messy eater like me, and might end up with half the noodles on your face.

And in this case, looks really can be deceiving. I thought these wouldn't fill me up, and I didn't manage to finish it. And well, you know how much I eat. And if you don't, that's even better :$ I think I'm constantly expanding my stomach with all the stuff I stuff into it. Sigh. I can't even go for the small sizes anymore. (Food wise). Clothing wise, it's a miracle that I can only choose small.
I think that's something worth celebrating :)


Lucky Noodle Box is a fast grab-and-go take out. When you want food and you want it quick, Noodle Box is a good option to go for. Plus, the chef really packs those noodles into the box even though the box looks deceptively small. Believe me, it's not. Don't be a judger.

They've got quite a big choice on their menu to cater for tastes. They've got variations of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malaysian influenced noodles with choices like Satay, Teriyaki, Pad Thai and Nasi Boxes. Not sure how authentic/real they would taste though. Also a range of gourmet noodle boxes for a limited time, designed by Masterchef Adam Liaw. I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NOT WATCHED A FULL EPISODE OF MASTERCHEF!!! So. Ashamed.

Hmm, what else. Oh, service is quick but not exactly friendly. I don't know if it was because staff get crankier with customers coming in near, or at closing time. I'd worked in hospitality for ages, and shamefully I have to admit to being one of those staff. But ironically I am also one of those customers. I'm so bad.

The back of our receipt - oh, speaking of receipts, I noticed a policy they had which states that if you do not receive a receipt following your order, you are entitled to a free meal. Odd, risky and even a little unnecessary in my opinion, but meh, their loss and our benefit if it does happen :P
So anyway, the back of our receipt entitled us to a $2 side of spring rolls or dimsim with any meal order. Asked for it but was told we could only redeem it the next time we come. Which, truthfully, will probably be a decade away, or the next time a restaurant closes on me, which will probably be tomorrow.
This is the first time I've tried Noodle Box after all. But still, why couldn't I redeem it right then and there?

If you're hot, healthy and fresh...everybody wants you!
So what's your take on that statement? And yeah, that came with a picture of a young girl and a group of breakdancers. And a box of noodles underneath. I am the slowest person you'll ever meet and thus I thought this was an advertisement for recruitment for Noodle Box. Lame, I thought. And superficial.

Upon closer inspection, I realise it's promotional marketing material for Noodle Box instead. And suddenly, I thought this was genius! LOL. I think that's a pretty witty claim to make. I mean, I know I'd definitely choose something hot, healthy and and people alike ;)
The hotter the better..................................................... cause I quite like spicy food.
HAH! I'm not superficial. =p

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  1. I had the noodles in black bean sauce last time I went. Didn't realise that it would be so salty!
    Tits had the pad thai which were pretty yummilicious.


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