Monday, 5 September 2011

Star Sushi

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I'm most definitely not a stalker, but I've come to realise I become one when it reaches 5-6pm.
I stalk this little shop on the corner of Murray and William Streets, because that's the time when ALL its sushi rolls go on sale and sell at $2. Welllll it used to, now they sell for $2.50.
There is no discrimination against any type of sushi or what's inside the sushi, they are all treated equally and all go out at the same attractive, mouthwatering price of $2...50, irrespective of their original prices.

See, when I said I was broke, I meant it. The word "sale" is enough to get my heartbeat racing.
I get really happy when it gets to this time if I'm somewhere within the area. But I would (and have) go out of my way to get these, cause cheap but good food makes me delirious and brightens up (what's left of) my day.
I usually save up my coin collection for parking money but in the end I park the car, forget about buying a ticket and use the coinage on sushi instead. I fail miserably at saving.

I always look back and realise that somehow none of it goes towards tickets, which probably explains why parking fines are so attracted to me. All my coins end up being spent on food and paying off the fines I get for not buying that damn ticket in the first place.

Speaking of rant, here is my $5 nigiri and sushi pack:

Sushi combination
This caught my eye for $5. I looooooove sashimi and wouldn't get sick of it. How could you get sick of something so attractive even if it has no personality? :P

This little variety pack came with a fish-bottle soy sauce, a pack of wasabi, a bag of those pink pickled ginger slices which aren't to my fancy and an assortment of sushi: chicken, tuna, seafood extender and seaweed sushi. Gosh that sounds appetizing :/ But it is! It manages to always taste crunchy and fresh.

The nigiri consisted of (from left to right): tuna sashimi, octopus, squid, prawn and salmon sashimi. Sliced a bit thin but no big deal.
Everything still tastes fresh, even though it's the end of the day and they're trying to get rid of this leftover food. Everyone scabs these up and so they should, so everything goes real quick.

Why wouldn't you swarm in for something of good value?
I missed out on my dose of $2.50 rolls as I came here around 7pm, but was pleased and surprised to see the place still open, but with very little choice in food left (as expected though). I thought I was lucky and pointed to the pack of 3 bundled sushi rolls, but that cost $7.50. Sigh!

1 roll for $2.50 and 3 rolls for $7.50. Bargain!
I've seen that tactic used. One spring roll for 60 cents or 5 for $3!
Call that sly, call that evil, call that cunning but some people were happy to snatch themselves a bargain! ;)

The above doesn't fill me up, only an appetiser if you will, for my dinner. I've always found myself walking in hungrily and greedily and walking out happily with 4 sushi rolls to devour - and that's just my snack. Ohhhhhh dear me, thank god Japanese food is relatively healthy and thank god equally for my metabolism.


It's a small shop, catering predominantly for takeaways but it does house a few tables and chairs inside should you wish to dine in. Not a restaurant as such, as it doesn't even seem to be on Urbanspoon! *Gasp*
But definitely not unknown, with the number of patrons it has.

The location of Star Sushi is in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, neverending roadworks and horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE peak hour city traffic. I could finish my 4 rolls of sushi while waiting to pass just one set of traffic lights. Traffic just refuses to move.

And then there's limited parking around the area, and with my case, I risk my sushi costing me $50 cause I have that bad habit of not buying a ticket.
It's painful getting there and it's painful getting out of there - peak hour turns drivers impatient, aggressive and intolerant. Possibly even inhumane. I'm a victim to that curse, at times. So shameful.

It's good that you are greeted with friendly, efficient and patient staff. Always smiley, which is helpful, cause with all that frustration you could lose your cool. But for sushi...
I'm cool with that.


  1. I love jap food! <3
    I will definitely check out this place some day! yum yum! :D

  2. Yeah like the day after you graduate right

  3. You know what's better? The sales at Miss Maud's.


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