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Santa Fe Restaurant & Tequila Lounge

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Being the broke and no income person I am, I only visit this relatively overpriced restaurant on its Specials night. Bahaha. But hey, so does everyone else!
Deemed Taco Tuesdays, you can leave your table manners at home and eat with your hands, and order more than what you are capable of finishing, but still not more than what you can afford.
Because at only $2 per taco, I can afford to get full :D

It really is a bargain compared to their normal price, which is a crazy $12 for just 2 tacos. And pretty much everything else on the menu is pricey, which explains why most people within the vicinity of your table order cheap tacos.  Everyone's got BRAINS! And thin wallets... ho ho ho

I LOVE being able to say this when ordering from anywhere:

"One of each please!"
Don't gawp your mouth at me, there was only 4 types of tacos.
I'm not thaaaaat bad.

So here we go, the budget meal (which in fact, is not really, as $12 can probably get you something more and fills you up more elsewhere).
Here is our order (which was missing one taco, but quickly replenished soon after):
T A C O S !
 To my horror, I was placed in the deepest, darkest, unlit corner of the restaurant. The verrry dimly lit restaurant is aided by small candles placed on every table, which slightly helps you see what exactly you are eating. You sorta just stuff it all in your mouth and then discover what it is that you ate. Keeps the suspense! - Every mouthful is a surprise.

So at $2 per taco, it generally seems worth it, especially when compared to their usual $6. But add anything else to that and it becomes a different story, because if you want to eat your tacos with a helping of sour cream and cheese, that would cost you an additional $6
And, with my ingenius mathematical ability, you could get another THREE tacos! No sides thanks.

Frijoles & Rice
Otherwise known as refried beans, frijoles are typically cooked and mashed beans, and make an appearance as a traditional staple dish in Mexican cuisine. Me being totally ignorant of this fact, I went ahead and ordered this purely based on the unfamiliarity boundaries between me and what this dish actually was. I try anything and everything, with one basic condition:
That it is edible.
Which is...a pretty universal rule.

I'm so very daring and adventurous but only when it comes to food. I am a wuss at everything else. But I'm just like a baby, give me something and I will stuff it in my mouth.
Mushy Purple Paste
This picture is a more accurate picture, in terms of colour. In my head, I was expecting mushy grains of rice in this. What a tool.
Instead I was greeted with this mushy ground up purple mixture, bursting thru the taco and softening the crispy taco shell, turning into mush.
Mush with mush, and a savoury taste to liven things up.
South Western Spiced Chicken
I usually love chicken, but this version of it in a taco isn't anything to get excited about. The shredded meat is a little bit dry and I'm not sure what "South Western spices" are meant to taste like, but there isn't a distinctive or distinguishable taste about the way this chicken is prepared.
I think whenever I'm eating, I'm in a world of my own and don't seem to pay attention to whatever's happening around me. I'm daintily floating thru my own gluttonous thoughts and oblivious to anything non food related. Cause this happened:

Friend: "Hey there's corn in this"
Me: *la di da...nom om eat eat*
*5 minutes later*
Me: "Heeeeeeyy there's corn in this!"

Shredded Beef
You can see what happened to the taco shell here. I picked it up (barely) and claimed it wasn't too bad...sort of...then my taco fell apart. Ok lame. The meat's juices were leaking everywhere, coupled with the soggifying tomato and onion pieces. This sped up the disintegration process of the once-crispy taco.
A bit light handed on the meat, but you can't complain at $2 a taco.
Taste wise... meh, it's shredded beef. And a block of unshredded beef as well.

Tacos are messy to eat, for me anyway. Piling in the vegetables on one side results in them falling out of the other. In one end and out the other - NOT COOL! (But I guess that's the natural way of things :P) I gave up and ate the taco and vegetables separately, cause more pieces were ending up on the table and my lap rather than my stomach.

Annnddd, no picture of the Chili Corne Carne. No lighting. Forgot. Some food blogger I am!


Overall a good feed for the price but I guess it's a relatively easy meal to recreate yourself, considering the basic ingredients for a typical taco.
Not a brightly lit environment but the atmosphere is buzzing and laid back dining, with multicoloured napkins and surroundings.

The table next to me had a dish that was pretty much untouched. Unbelievable but true. Could imply many things.

However the prices charged are on the verge of pricey, for what it is. Both times I visited were pretty busy, but it's hard to judge when there's so many patrons swooping in for Taco Tuesday :) Tuesdays are the best when you're on a spending diet - movies, food and probably the best cheap ever: cheap waffles for a cheap and sweet ending.

And it's just down the road!
So. You can be cheap and walk there instead and save on petrol money, ho ho ho.
That way, you can walk off your tacos and order 2 waffles, to make up for lost food.


  1. Take me with you next time :D

  2. Let me know when you find yourself free and lonely on a Tuesday night :D or any other night...


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