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San Churros: Northbridge

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Ahh, chocolate. It's got itself so many followers, all hooked and all in deep addiction.
Who doesn't love this sticky, ooey gooey sweet thing in all its various forms?

I, for one. *GASP*?!
Yeah. I'm not an avid screaming fan of chocolate like the many unanimous maniacs out there who worship chocolate.
I dislike sweet comas and I think I have a sweet tooth that has grown old and frail and is now scared of too much dessert.
I've slowly grown into a more savoury food person but that doesn't mean I'm not a sweet person still ;)

But I mean, I don't hate it, I don't love it, heck I probably don't even like it.
I guess I'm indifferent to it.
Take it or leave it, doesn't really bother me.

WELL, there's my autobiography for today.


But that doesn't mean I'll say no to San Churros. Cause yeah, they're a chocolatier, but they predominantly specialise in churros too, which are what I fell deep in love with when I tried them the very first time. Love at first bite, for sureee.

So here we were, at the newest store opened in Perth, right in the heart and soul of Northbridge.
I'm ready! We were all ready!...Then took a heck of a long time to decide what to order between 9 people. Zzzzz.

Then we finally came to a conclusion.
Party Fiesta, anyone?
Gosh that was some painstaking decision making involved.

Various dips
Now THIS was awesome. The Party Fiesta involved some 18 sticks of churros, with 6 tubs of dips. Now I thought this only included the choices of melted milk or dark chocolate, or caramel.

You can get ice creams as dips! PHWOARRR :D

So there you see above, from L-R are 6 handsome churro dips, which are basically dessert on their own, without the churro. But I guess for $34.95, one should be entitled to a wider variety of choice anyways. So back to my original point, L-R: dark chocolate, vanilla/white chocolate (LOL I'm terrible), milk chocolate ICE CREAMS then white/dark/milk melted chocolates.

Thought I should point out the obvious.


How beautiful are these babies! Long, slender and thin and utterly good looking. So attractive to look at, good for the eyes and even better in the mouth ;)

These sticks are affectionately known as THE churros, a kind of Spanish donut (to my vague understanding) and are deep fried dough sticks. Sounds pretty average but I guess these are heaven when they're done hot and when they're done perfectly. And most of the time, they are.
18 of these, separated onto 2 plates, which sorta disillusions how epic it would all look on a single plate.

A mountain of churros. Oohhh man, bring it on.

They're crunchy to the bite with the texture enhanced by all those riggedy raggedy edges protruding from the golden tube. You get the choice of cinnamon or icing sugar being dusted on top, and naturally we chose cinnamon sugar here. It just sounds more exotic don't you think?
Exotic things always taste better in my head.


Since the opening of this newish San Churros, business looks as if it's going good. It's in an awesome location, right in the middle of the entertainment precinct of Perth, meaning you'd get the day crowds and drunk/party/normal night crowds also. They've established well, because the few eateries prequeling San Churros kept dying. They'd open for a while, hang around but then ultimately end up saying goodbye. It's like a curse. Unfortunate.

The store is huuuge and you don't have the distinguishable San Churros setup, where typically you get tables aligned so close to each other that it gets awkward trying to squeeze through people and tables. You gotta brush against people and everyone shuffles their chairs and convos get disrupted trying to let you pass. It all makes you feel a bit...large.

But this store has none of that and has heaps of seating, both indoors and a nice outdoor alfresco area out the back. It caters for table service as well, the only store I've seen that being used! Definitely a bonus but I'm still getting accustomed to feeling like a king and being served while not needing to leave my ass from the chair. What a grand oily indulgence.

AND ISN'T IT SO EXCITING TO WALK PAST WHEN FREE SAMPLES ARE GIVEN?! Or maybe that's just me. I've never seen sampling done for Churros, but they did! Just free offers on the street on a quiet Monday night. I sorta did a double take and did a u-turn at the end of the street and happened to walk past again. LOL :P
I think if that was on this Fiesta night, no Fiesta would have been ordered. Each of us probably would have taken the sample, diverge directions, then unsuspiciously came back for seconds. Schemers. No brains involved here, only guts and some thick-skin.

With my first experiences of San Churros, they were very hit and miss. At times they are heaven on a stick, other times they really need to change the oil, and sometimes they just need to change the fryer. As in like, the person doing the frying. (Not that I am a good fryer at all!) so just to be sure, I'm not being all stuck up or assume any (if any) superior cooking skillz.

The first time I experienced Northbridge San Churros wasn't memorable, because I came near closing time and maybe the oil was colder than usual, and the churros weren't cooked thoroughly in the middle.
Puhhhhh. I think my dining companion mixed those bits in with the thick chocolate sludge and made, well, poop. Hard, solid clumps of little droppings. A little pile of them. It was delightful.

But yeah, despite this little act, there are no implications whatsoever :)
San Churros is definitely not shit.


  1. Seems like in almost every post, you make reference to shit LOL. You must be an expert in this area.

  2. what a cheapskate


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