Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Grill'd: Mount Lawley

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M: "Lets go dinner!"
Me: "Yaaayy!!!!!!!"
M: "Grill'd?"
Me: "Yaa - whaaat? Nooooo not again, lets go somewhere else"
M: "Yeah ok. You decide."

So few days later, after some serious pondering and research, here we were.

At Grill'd.

Ahh, I'm just so damn good at decision making. It's great.
At least it's a different location? Which makes it a bit more exciting -.-
Damn indecisiveness - I just can't get rid of that stupid trait, it follows me around everywhere! Like seriously just go away.

I was starvinggg having not eaten for about 7 hours. It kills me inside and it kills me outside as well, cause sometimes I appear physically grumpier without something in my stomach. It's not my fault food makes my world go round.
Food also makes my face go round. Considering the foods you see on here and how frequently and how much I eat.

Moroccan Lamb
Apologies for the quite out of focus picture above. That wasn't the only thing out of focus, the cousin was also out of focus when she made this order.

You'd think someone who had such a strong hate for capsicum wouldn't order a burger containing a grilled lean lamb pattie, ROASTED PEPPERS, tzatziki, salad and relish. I think it just didn't click in her little head that capsicum goes by another name of peppers.

And she didn't know what tzatziki was either. I think she may have very well just took a chance with this burger. I was secretly hoping she'd reject the capsicum and so I could have it instead.
I was crushed to hear that she actually quite liked it.

Garden Goodness
I think I'm scaring myself with the amount I can eat. I reckon subconsciously my brain told me to GO FOR SOMETHING HEALTHIER WILL YOU?! So I did :/ I would have NEVER done this. But SOMEHOW I was out of my mind and I did. And I will never do it again.

Oh for the love of God I don't think I can ever turn vegetarian! Sorry animals, I love you way too much to let any of you go.

I also reckon this looked so much bigger than all the other meat burgers I've had. It's like they make it up for you not picking meat so they give you a bigger garden in return, for not killing any animals.

So I went to the counter and said, "Can I please grab a Garden Goodness?" Oh gawddd that sounds terrible in my head LOL, I just ate tree leaves in my last post and now I'm moving onto eating a whole garden. It really puts a grand image in my head: garden, vegetables, dirt, compost and mulch. The Lot.

But of course, instead of a nutritious manure patty, there sat a thick hefty "premium quality veggie pattie" with beetroot, cheese, avocado, salad, relish and herbed mayo. I forgot to ask for no beetroot and thus my burger was stained disgustingly pink. Beetroot always tastes like the earth and its dirt. Not that I've eaten dirt...maybe.

Vague emoticon patty
HA HA HA! I didn't even notice the smiley face on this until someone pointed it out. Such a sad observation...

But of course, this picture wasn't intended to show you the happy happy pattie, but rather the level of burntness it had suffered through before getting into my burger bun.
Sigh, I ordered a vegie burger to steer away from the blackness this Grill'd store always gets my patties to. I can't escape this curse.

The vegie pattie was made with a mixture of bits of carrot and corn and not much else from my memory, even though I know there had to be a lot more in there. Must take more notice next time. Forgot that I'm never ordering this again. There's nothing wrong with the burger itself, just not to the best of my liking.

I don't think I would have ordered this if avocado wasn't in there. Good old avocado. Always the superhero in my eyes. It made me go vego for dinner :O AND EAT BEETROOT :'( Peh!

Hot chips & Sweet Chilli Mayo
Fat hot chips! More vegetables! I was on a rolllllllll on my healthy streak that night :P
I wouldn't exactly call them crunchy chips, cause they're not crunchy. But that doesn't make them not good.

They're fat and fluffy and sprinkled with a few herbs which I'm guessing are Grill'd specialty. They're soo addictive with that sweet chilli mayo dip. I spread that dip in my burger to become my sauce and then I eat whatever's leftover in the little tub.

Ok, I think my addiction is towards the dip, and not so much the chips as much. Creamy stuff is always addictive... ;)


I got a stomach ache after this. Cramps, to be precise. But I must stress it was not at all Grill'd Burgers' fault. I think I was being overambitious and stomach did this to get back at me for aimlessly but mindlessly overfilling it up and completely challenged its digesting ability.
Cause after my own burger and the chips, I went on to demolish the rest of the Back Bar Steak Sandwich that my friend could not finish.

Ahh I'm going to die from over eating one day. No surprises there. But what a pleasant way to die right?

Parking is somewhat a hassle on Beaufort Street when night time comes to play. The lively street is abundant with eateries, bars, cafes, convenience stores and various entertainment precincts, which is GREAT, but as a result, you really gotta fight for your parking.
And when you try to do street parking, you end up feeling self conscious and fat for creating a line of traffic behind you.

As for the quality of food, Grill'd has got to be doing something right, they're giving birth to multiple stores rapidly! Which is a good sign that everything's all good and people are loving the product. If I had to choose, I would stay the Claremont stall reigns superior.
Simply cause my patties don't get burnt as bad :P

It's even more awesome if you have the Entertainment Book voucher with you, with its very enticing Buy One Get One Free deal. It makes the burger that much sweeter :) You pay half the price for your burger, but I'd have to pay full price cause I'd probably claim both the burgers.

Sharing in life is good. You give a little, you take a little, but when it comes to food, then just take the whole lot. It's always best to be selfish there. Tee hee hee :D


  1. Bird & Brie for the homies!

  2. remember when the cousin didn't know that calamari was squid?


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