Saturday, 17 September 2011

Grill'd: Claremont

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After a hard day of procrastination, we went to satisfy our hunger pangs. Though for me, I just wanted to get away from the books. Any excuse to get away from the books! Actually I don't even buy the books, so just get away from the study in general.

We decided where to go and what we wanted to eat for dinner before we even had our lunch.
Ahh, such are the topics of conversation between 3 fatties.

Oh, it was nothing special, but here was our shared lunch at a very bogan tavern with terrible singers on the karaoke machine :)

Chicken Nachos, supposedly
These probably look like very normal nachos but the truth is... they were indeed very normal nachos.
I was grumbling throughout the entire eating process about how there was WHY IS THERE NO CHICKEN IN HERE when we specifically asked for CHICKEN NACHOS and PAID A WHOLE EXTRA 50 CENTS FOR CHICKEN NACHOS AND NOT VEGETARIAN NACHOS damnit.
And the excuse that the chicken was ground up into the sauce was just poor.

Soo veryy muchh cheeeeeeese and we admitted defeat and left the nachos unfinished. I did try my best to, long after my companions got bored of eating it.

Hot Chips
Chips with gravy. Not much to say. You don't say much when there's hot freshly deep fried chips in front of you anyway. You just eat as much as you can and cry about it later :(


So here we were at Grill'd Burger Bar in fancy pants Claremont Quarters.
This was my first time at this store despite having been numerous times to their other one in Mt Lawley. I had good expectations for this anyway because of my usual affection towards Grill'd burgers. Good food always leaves a good impression.
And good company leaves good memories. Isn't that right Fattyboomba? HA!

We got one burger each, as normal people would. But secretly I wanted to order 2. For myself.
Actually not secretly, I declared I wanted another one after my first one but that's nothing new to my dear friends who put up with my big appetite and stomach.

Baa Baa Burger
This was the Baa Baa Burger. As its name so fondly suggests, it contains a sheep in it.
A grilled lean lamb pattie with avocado (AVOCADO!!!), tasty cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo in a nicely toasted wholemeal panini bun. What's not to love!

I love my lamb lots and this is my number one burger order most times but truly, I get this cause the word avocado lures me in. Baa baa haaaaa. Too bad it's thinly spread most times and has me lusting after it :(

The burger looks a bit disproportional and that's the way most burgers are at Grill'd - you need to take a few generous bites until you confirm that there is actually meat in your burger.

Grill'd Bird & Brie
The wannabe Coffee Prince (dude you got way too many identities...) was being an indecisive prick and couldn't choose between the Baa Baa Burger and this. I tried selling how good the Baa Baa was but ultimately the look of this burger sold itself to me.

It looked so generously stuffed and bursting with grilled chicken breast, brie cheese, thick cranberry sauce, salad and herbed mayo and looked like a monstrosity.

Most of the times I try their chicken burgers I am disappointed with how burnt they are and how bitter they consequently taste. This Claremont chain looks good though :) And you can sorta taste how creamy the cheese is just by looking at it...3 whole slices is a very generous portion apparently!

Simply Grill'd
For some reason I was being boring and went for the most basic choice, the Simply Grill'd burger. Even I surprised myself when I was ordering it. Sometimes it's good to enjoy the most simple things in life.

As its name suggests, the simplicity of this burger lies in its ingredients, being only a grilled 100% lean beef pattie with salad, relish and herbed mayo. I felt pretty damn healthy eating this, and wasn't exactly full after it, but oh well :)

As you may realise, herbed mayo is the star of most of Grill'd's burgers. It's good though, cause they've mastered the taste and texture of it and it makes eveything taste good but it drips all over the place. So the conclusion is, be really careful or you'll stain yourself! :P


Suddenly Perth is experience a wave of gourmet burger bars popping up everywhere all claiming how delicious, healthy and ace their burgers are. Personally I give thumbs up to Grill'd for living up to it thus far.

Its stores are always busy and bustling with a wide variety of different groups of people at all times of the day, and the happy, always-energetic staff seem to handle it all very well. No complaints :)

So many parking bays and it's open til late so convenience is a big factor. And after your burger session you can always extend your date and get your sugar rush and sweet talk next door at Koko Black. And you STILL won't be over your 3 hour free parking limit downstairs.

However the routes through the shopping centre close up and we had to take a big detour walking around the complex to get back to the car. The streets outside are dark and quiet and we got a bit freaked out that we shamefully screamed at an innocent tree. Sigh...


  1. the pictures don't look very attractive to me, but i'm sure they taste attractive

    It's all your fault!
    Three normal objects turn SCARY as soon as you said it.
    White van. Man. Tree.


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