Monday, 12 September 2011

Domino's Pizza

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Our plans to go all out with a buffet got thwarted.
Being too lazy and with nothing edible in the house to cook anyway, we decided on a decent dinner. Something that was quick, convenient and satisfying.

And something came to mind in seconds, something that fulfilled all that criteria.
Good old Domino's.
Never fails to impress and ALWAYS comes to the rescue. Just a phone call away when you need it, sometimes even more reliable than a friend.

We came to the decision of one pizza for each person. Normal people have one meal to one person, but we like to apply the same concept with pizzas: One pizza to one person.
We're not greedy, no we're not. Oooh we're ambitious though.

Here is our delicious, scrumptious, healthy dinner :)

See, we took the healthy choice and made the decision to eat a balanced diet - how many vegetables can you spot here! :D I looked at this with googly eyes. Who knew the vegetarian option would look so appealing and beautiful? This definitely deserves to be best dressed out of all the pizzas. Its array of colours make it look so lively and fresh and happy.
There is no better way to have your vegies intake via a pizza :)

This was just like a salad on a pizza with its abundance of vegetables to the brim, consisting of capsicum, mushroom, baby spinach, onion, fresh and sundried tomato with garlic olive oil, mozarella cheese and a sprinkling of oregano.

I would so order this again.
It's good for you and it's so colourful! Win win situation.

This is a classic pizza that is always on our order. Good thing it is so standard and popular it has become a "Value pizza".  I used to love the Hawaiian like crazy but I don't know, it's not as lovable anymore. I think it used to be the sweet tang that excited me long ago.

Its pretty average ingredients are described with a fresh twist, giving them a renovation. Ham becomes champagne ham, pineapple becomes late harvest pineapple and mozarella cheese becomes mozarella cheese. Heh.
Normal pizza size
If you felt there was something peculiar about the Hawaiian pizza above, you're right.
It is SQUARE! So much more surface area to enjoy and devour.
Take a look at the normal pizza.

Now look below.
Abnormal pizza size
YAY for more pizza! This was possible because it was ordered with a base of puff pastry, which makes it so much bigger and puffy, crispy, flaky crusts. Because of the extra pizza?, this cost an additional $3. Is puff pastry really so much more decadent?

Fire Breather
I would've never chose this. I'm not exactly a chilli wuss but jalapenos on a pizza doesn't flatter my tastebuds in any way no matter how hard they tried. Just like the same way that they never make an appearance in my Subway purchases either. I was ignorant to the fact they are pronounced ha-la-pee-noes as well, until I found out the embarassing way.

It's also categorised under Premium pizzas and I don't get what's so fancy pants about it. Priced at $15, it's a fair bit more than the average Dominos standard. Piled on is a mix of jalapenos, pepperoni, Italian sausage, onion, tomato, shredded cotto and chilli flakes. You can't really see the chilli flakes...and it didn't taste like there were any either.
Or maybe I can just tolerate that hotness.

So I called this the Fire Eater instead of its name by accident. And the guy on the line corrected me, "You mean the Fire Breather".
Yeah, whatever mate.

I'm so sad. This is now just the Supreme and no longer the Super Supreme. From childhood memory this was the best pizza evarrghhh and it looked like there was every ingredient on it you could think of.
But deeper memory work and I can actually only remember the extra ingredient that used to be on it, and that was olives. I think I like olives so much that without it, this pizza is now meh.

The Supreme boasts pepperoni, rasher bacon, capsicum, ground beef, Italian sausage, mushroom, pineapple and oregano. A little bit of everything. Not enough :(
Nothing is ever enough for meeeee. So hard to please.


So there we have it, yeah we got big appetites but we got big stomachs to match.
I find that Dominos are pretty generous with their ingredients on their pizzas. And while sometimes not tasting as good as gourmet pizzas, you really can't make any comparisons, given how good for value these pizzas are. Even more so on Tuesdays, at only $6.90 a pizza.

They even have one-topping pizzas for $5! $5 to feed a family, just not my family. You'll need like $30 to feed my family.

They're also damn quick at preparing the pizzas and getting them ready in time. Efficient workers! And they usually smell soo good that I don't mind filling my car up with food smells that linger around long after the food is gone :P
I can live with that.

The pizzas are usually stinking hot when you pick them up but these were stinking cold. But that's completely my fault because I took my sweet ass time to pick them up. Easy fix by whacking them back into the oven at home.
I regret soo much in keeping those delicious things waiting patiently to get eaten.
Really managed to keep their cool.


  1. i am very happy that you wrote a post about pizza :D
    yummyyyy pizzaaaa <3

    and i totally agree about everything you wrote about the Hawaiian pizza...was my fav, but no so fascinating anymore =\

    and omg, i can't believe u guys could actually finish a whole pizza? o.o

  2. Oh there were leftovers.
    Like 2 pieces :P

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