Thursday, 25 August 2011

Makan 2 Cafe

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On the edge of the terrible unmistakable feeling of indigestion and bloating, I could not resist my inner calling for dessert...desssssert...GO GET DESSERT DAMN IT!!!
So I answered my prayers.

After struggling to finish the meal at Phu Pho, I was back in the car heading from one eatery to another down the road, maybe like, oh I don't know, 5 minutes after? Life is good. And I am a slob.

An frequent excerpt from my conversations go like this:
*bag of sultanas on table*
"Ooh sultanas!"
Friend: "Do you EVER stop eating?"
No my friend, I do not and do not plan to, EVER.

And so arriving at Makan, an actual open late at night cafe, I was here for dessert and this was the only thing hovering in my mind. I usually come here for the tall mugged, hot, frothy milk beverages that it is somewhat famous for, but their roti dishes are just as fantastic.
And knowing this, I told my crazy sweet tooth to calm the flip down and satisfied its wants and needs, right then and there ;)

This was what it was beckoning for:

Roti Seri Kaya
This Roti Seri Kaya is the only sweet roti available from the menu at present. It resembles a pancake/crepe-like family and has a delightful slightly crispy and flaky texture when served piping hot. So very calorific and sends you on a guilt trip complete with a luggage full of fat after you eat it, but what the heck. Soooooo worth it.
There was even a slightly darkened section that was suggestive of extra oil lurking around in that area. But I ate it anyway OF COURSE. It's like eating healthy at McDonalds.
Unnecessary and useless.

Golden fried crunchy floury goodness
Within the roti, it housed margarine and an abundance of coconut jam in certain areas. A blob of shiny glistening yellow goo is served on the side, should you want to eat the two together.
Goo being a synonym for condensed milk, of course.
I love surprises but it was a temporary nasty savoury surprise when a small piece of burnt garlic was found nestled amongst the sweet mouthfuls of golden fried crunchy flour goodnesssssss.

So here it is very visibly demonstrated about just how perfectly crispy the roti was made. The edges were an INDULGENT part that didn't last too long at all. The hot "pancake" coupled with cool soothing goo made for perfect mouthfuls. However perfect everything may seem, imperfection is always out there to challenge this otherwise.
Soooooo the flawed part of this was that some parts of the roti were undercooked and resulted in doughy tasting mixture in between the hot crisp exterior. Minor problem.

With the roti finished, I proceeded to eat the condensed milk purely on its own. I don't like wasting food, and its in my nature to eat everything if there is no one to pick up after me and eat my rubbish. But of course, this was for my own enjoyment of ultra sweet things as well!
But after a few attempts, I had to pull a face, put down my fork and left the condensed milk alone.
Goo was certainly not made to be eaten, alone.


So this place is a convenient spot to resort to when everything else along the eating strip is closing down for the night. This dimly lit seems to be a popular hub for students, suited for owls who like to come out and play at night rather than the day.
I always think they are understaffed, particularly when they get busy and the queue ends up zig zagging its way to the entrance and moving ultra slow because there's only one person taking orders, who is simultaneously working the floor.
Which is probably why all the tables are shiny, from grease and are sticky, every time, all the time, without fail.

I'd hate to say the portions of food or somewhat small, but that's probably because I can fit a house in my stomach.
My fast metabolism is such a godsend, cause it's my passport to my heaven.
Cause without it, I would (hopefully!) be trudging there slowly, and probably be unable to fit through the gates.

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